Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mad Men Season 5 Epi 7 At The Codfish Ball

Megan's parents explained a lot about Megan and Don's relationship and possibly created about as many questions. They obviously hate one another. Megan's father seems to think that Don, the rich man, has stolen his daughter from her true calling (acting?). Megan's mom has a drinking problem and when she passes out with her hand draped out holding a cigarette(Just like the above logo) , you have to wonder if they're try to tell us that Megan is trying to fix something with her mother through her relationship with Don.

 I do love that Don is trying so hard with her parents. Carrying the bags for her father instead of letting their doorman do it. He doesn't want his father in law to think he is the capitalist pig he suspects. But there is no chance, as evidenced by him having Bobby fill his fountain pen on the white carpet. It was like a giant F@#* You.

 I still think Don and Megan's marriage is bound for divorce. Especially, with her home example and her father obviously pushing her to leave him. We'll see...

 The Peggy and Abe story was great. Love that we got another Joan and Peggy pow wow. (we haven't been getting much Joan the last few episodes) By the end of the episode I still wasn't sure how Peggy felt about Abe wanting to live together rather than getting married. Joan's reaction was great and sincere, I think. Maybe Peggy really doesn't know either. It's possible Abe thinks Peggy is a working women and wouldn't want to get married. I think the main motivation for his asking was his seeing how the guys in the office talk to her. He wants some ownership over her.

 Peggy's mother has probably had all she can take from Peggy. But I bet she will adjust to this idea in time. Hopefully, Peggy and Abe will work out and our Peggy won't end up having to buy all those cats.

 The Cancer dinner was interesting. I thought Roger was going to be Sally's first date and play it perfectly. But once she walked in on him and Megan's mother that went out the window. Then Ken's father in law telling Don none of the execs from the Cancer Society would trust him with an account after his Lucky Strike letter. They'll give him awards but never hire him. When they all return to the table, Megan, her father and mother, Don And Sally. It looks like a bomb has gone off. They are all devastated.

 Finally, what is going on with Megan? She comes up with that great campaign. She holds Don's hand through the entire pitch. But when Peggy congratulates her, which I wasn't sure she was going to be happy about, it looks like Megan is the unhappy one. Is it true, does she really want to be doing something else. Is she only pretending to like advertising because Don likes it, like her father said at the beginning of the episode.

Just to wrap things up here is Shirley Temple singing At The Codfish Ball

Shirley is dancing with Buddy Ebsen, who we often see a picture of as Jed Clampett in Harry Crane's office. Either someone has a thing for Ebsen over there or this is a major coincidence.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sherlock Season Two on PBS

Sherlock Season two premieres on PBS Sunday, May 6th. That's just one week from this Sunday. I feel like I need to explain to the networks that it is ok to put good programs on days other than Sunday. It seems every show I like is on Sunday. Anyway, I loved the first season of Sherlock and with it's star, Benedict Cumberbatch (could his name be more English?) getting swept up in so many big budget movies (War Horse and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) this may be the last one. So, be sure you get to see it. Looks like this season Sherlock will find his match in a beautiful dominatrix. You get a tiny peak at her in this clip, not mention a nod to the Sherlock of old.

Watch Sherlock Season 2: A Scene from Ep. 1 on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.

I'll be watching, somehow, Sunday night. Tweeting with #Sherlock

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The London West Hollywood

Last week I was invited to lunch at The London Hotel in West Hollywood with several other bloggers. It is such a gorgeous hotel. I love how light it is. Too many hotels are so dark I can barely see. Look at this lobby.
I'm just waiting for Ginger Rogers in a feather dress to come twirling out to meet Fred Astaire. Everything has a feel of classic Hollywood while still being very modern. We were treated to their Gordon Ramsey create lunch menu at their beautiful roof top pool. Where they also have party facilities. Isn't this spectacular.
I truly love the space. I even tweeted TCM that they should have one of their Film Festival parties here next year. Did I mention the brushed suede walls? They are everywhere and too tempting not to doodle on. Not to worry they have a round the clock staff brushing them, so you're really supporting their job security by giving in to the temptation. Hope to see you all there soon!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Pirates! Opens this Friday 4/27

The Pirates!Band Of Misfits opens this Friday April 27th. After months of my daughter asking me if we can go see this every time she sees a poster last night I was finally able to get us into a screening. It was totally worth staying up late on a school night and the next morning drama.

 If you and your kids love Wallace and Gromit they way we do this is a can't miss. Even if you somehow don't love them this is a can't miss. It even has Hugh Grant as the pirate captain...

The movie starts out with a band of pirates arguing about what is the best part about being pirates, which quickly devolves into a brawl and then breaks into song. Our Captain it seems is longing to win the Captain of the year prize, and since he's lost SO many years in a row he's sure this is his year. Unfortunately when he goes to fill out his application each captain who enters is more grandeous than the next. With the pirate captains dreams dashed he heads out of town with his band of misfit crew just in time to find an adventure that just might win him a prize after all.

 As a parent I have to say this is a great family movie. Everyone will enjoy it, even a theatre full of cold hearted film critics were laughing. Also you could absolutely watch this several times and not catch everything. I tried to read all the street signs in the background, many of which had jokes of their own. Also the street names are hystarical. Finally the soundtrack is great too. There is one really funny song, that I can't be sure but sounds a lot like James Blunt.

So yes, run don't walk...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mad Men Season 5 Epi 6 Far Away Places

This feels like the break up episode. Some of the relationships are at the beginning of break ups and some of them the end. Perhaps the partners in the relationships are each in a far away place from the other.

Peggy & Abe: Peggy in general can't make anyone happy with the possible exception of strangers in movie theatres. Abe wants her to be a better girl friend, less focused on work. Truly I think they're too different. He wants to go to The Naked Prey and she ends up at Born Free. Seriously from different planets.
Heinz wants her to be, a man, basically. When the guys says he's letting her get away with what she's said because he has a daughter. He basically called her a child to be tolerated. She really is getting it from every where.

Ginsberg & reality: Last week I called the concentration camp connection, but even I'm not good(obsessed) enough to catch the Mars connection. I'm not entirely sure he was kidding about being from Mars. What did he mean by the communication, to "stay where you are"? I was a bit lost on all that. I would definitely understand if he had a hard time finding people with common early experiences.

Don & Roger: After tonights episode I feel like I have to go back and watch their entire relationship. Is it me, or are they one anothers yin and yang. Rogers miserable, Don is elated. Then Roger gets his freedom and is about to be, what I hope, is very very happy with Joan and their baby and Don's life goes out the window.
Loved the reference to the twins and the hospital. Ah the good old days.

Roger & Jane: The moment we have been crossing our fingers has finally come. Roger and Jane are getting a divorce. It might have been more fun to watch them if they had been on acid from the beginning. Course that Derby Day party was pretty trippy. I love that the world burst into song for Roger when he open a bottle of vodka on acid. Also he sees Don as the guide for his trip. And Cooper is on the $5 bill. Tie in with Lincoln or not, you decide. Finally the black Sox series game was hysterical.
Anyway, I'm hoping to see Roger on acid more, and from the scene from next week I think that is pretty likely.

Don & Megan: These two seem destined for disaster. Don doesn't respect Megan's place at work. He drags her to Howard Johnson and tells the team they don't need HIM. When it is Megan who has been Peggy's junior on the campaign. Unless they can get this sorted, I don't think it will end well. We see them again on that white carpet that is also doomed to destruction, with Megan saying that every fight diminishes their love.
Then we see the car ride back from Disneyland. Where Don is Whistling I Want To Hold Your Hand, by The Beatles. Megan said I thought you hated that and Don says it stuck in my head. You can see where she might have thought he would like her younger generation things more than he has turned out too.

This and That:

The drugs are really popping up everywhere. A few weeks ago with Sally. This week Peggy gets stoned in a theatre and Roger takes LSD.

Don doesn't buy Gene a gift.

Frank Lloyd Rice
. I love Roger. Just saying it wrong to annoy snooty people.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Darling Companion Opening April 20th

Lawrence Kasdan's Darling Companion is Opening April 20th. I got to see it a few weeks ago and it is great. First I must say I have a warm place in my heart for Kasdan. My first date was to see The Big Chill. The boy was an octopus and I had varying sucess at watching the film while fending him off, but all the same I don't hold it against Lawrence Kasdan and really do love his films.

Alright back to Darling Companion, this film stars Kevin Kline (Who must be one of Kasdan's favorite actors, he's been in so many of his films) and Diane Keaton as an empty nest couple. At the start of the film Keaton finds a dog, which reminded me of Mary Macdonald finding the baby at the beginning of another Kasdan film, Grand Canyon.

In due time the family has settled in with the dog and when they all go to Colorado Kline looses him. Which is the main meat of the film, everyone looking for the dog. Relationships are built and destroyed and then rebuilt again. It really is an entertaining film.

There is a great supporting cast including Dianne Weist, Richard Jenkins, and Elizabeth Moss, who plays Peggy on Mad Men. She plays Kline and Keaton's daughter. Whose marriage to the dogs vet brings them all to Colorado.

I hope you will all go out to the theatre and see this. I know I am guilty of thinking I don't need to see these quieter films on the big screen and can wait for the DVD release, but if we don't go to the theatre for them they will stop making them. So find yourself a ridiculously handsy 14 year old boy and see this Kasdan film (14 year old boy optional).

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mad Men Season 5 Epi 5 Signal 30

Tonight's episode was all about Pete. We open with Pete in driving school watching Signal 30. I love the metaphor, Pete still hasn't learned how to do something most 16 year olds learn, and consequently is living his life like Signal 30 crashing and burning more often than not. Even when he tries to seduce his teenage classmate he is out maneuvered by a teenage boy.

Then Pete tries to fix the dripping faucet (that Trudy has cease to even notice, another metaphor) But the fix is temporary until it explodes later at the slightest touch. With Don at the house he fixes it easily while Pete is still fumbling in his tool box.

Finally Pete's bad attitude gets someone to beat him up. Roger threatened to a few weeks ago, but this week he pushes Lane too far and actually gets beat up. This probably would have been bad enough, but that everyone so obviously enjoys seeing him get pounded is the final nail in the coffin.

Pete has become just what Don warned him about in season one. He is now the hated man in the corner office. In the elevator at the end of the episode Pete tells Don he has nothing. Because he knows they are not his friends and no matter how much business he brings in it will always be everyone against him. Too bad he doesn't understand he brings it on himself.

Everyone still loves Roger though. Don doesn't judge Roger sleeping with the prostitute. Cooper is actually massaging Roger at the beginning of the meeting that devolves into a fist fight. Even when Roger tells Ken to stop writing his stories you end up feeling bad for Roger with his parting line " When this job is good it satisfies every need. Believe me. I remember."

Ken Cosgrove will continue his writing even though he tells Peggy he's finished. Switching pen names from Ben Hargrove to Dave Algonquin. We close the episode with his story about Pete's new stereo/sideboard, which he says sounds like a miniature orchestra. I loved the image of death in the doorway clipping his nails.

This and That:

Don wants to start a family with Megan. Megan does not seem enthusiastic.

I was surprised when Don was saying he grew up in a whore house? Did he? After his Dad died? I don't remember hearing that before.

Pete and the prostitute was pretty funny. Her trying out her different approaches and his nope nope OK.

Another mass murderer this week. Like Ken's story at the dinner party, the robot's are pulling out bolts all over the place and the world is becoming a scarier or at the very least less safe place.

Lane grabbing Joan and kissing her when she tells him it's good he's different from them. She didn't really push him away, though that's not really her style. I don't think that will go anywhere but it was a surprise.

I hope we get to see Pete explaining to Trudy about his bruises when he gets home.

As always looking forward to next week but hope Pete bounces back a bit and we don't end up with another season with him spiralling out of control like Don last year.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kim Novak's handprint ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Here I am warming up the concrete for Kim. This picture will probably get a lot of play from me. I actually started crying a little after. Yes I am that big of a classic geek.

Robert Osborne introducing Kim Novak and below Kim doing the print and signature.

Kim's finished prints.

Debbie Reynolds, Robert Osborne and Kim Novak posing with the new prints.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TCM Film Fest Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiemicz

Tomorrow is the first day of The Turner Classic Movie Classic Film Festival. Which loosely translates to Mecca for classic film fans, such as myself.

This morning I got to attend a round table discussion with our high priests Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz. Which was a huge thrill but also very interesting.

Robert Osborne

Robert Osborne talking about how he got interested in film told us that it was learning about what was going on in the industry and the people lives that got him and keep him interested in film. That even watching a bad film is made more compelling when you know the back story of the script, studio, actors etc..

When I asked if he thought it was important to see films on the big screen I was surprised that he thought some films are better on the small screen. His example: The Wizard of OZ, where on the big screen you can see all the wires and it pulls you out of the experience. Still he thinks we should see classic film on the big screen the way they were intended. With a crowd and no interruptions. This fest he is looking forward to seeing Cover Girl with Gene Kelly and Rita Hayworth.

On a film Osborne once hated but now likes he said Desire Me with Greer Garson. He told us that director George Cukor refused to have his name on the picture he thought it was so bad. But knowing that when he went in he thought it was pretty good. Especially, knowing the back story. By today standards he said it was pretty good, especially if compared to Nicholas Cages last picture. (Sorry Nicholas).

Finally, he said this really sweet thing about Rita Hayworth. Someone was asking him if he knew the name of an actress in a film they had seen but didn't know the name of. Robert asked him to describe the film, and quickly realized it was Gilda starring Rita Hayworth. Here's the sweet part he wished she was alive today to know that it wasn't the studio and PR team that made here so popular, if a kid more than 50 years later is still reacting to her. I loved that. I wish she was here too.

Ben Mankiewicz

Ben's first question was in regards to style in the movies (this film fest's theme) and which films influenced him. He stood up in his jeans and t-shirt and shrugged his shoulders "Hey..." Then he said how he likes Steve McQueen, Cary Grant in a suit, and in the end he copped to admiring some of the clothes on Californication.

When asked about the difficulty of picking which events to be at during the film fest when there are some times as many as 6-7 happening simultaneously. Ben response was that they want people to have to make hard decisions, they want all the events to be well attended, and people to leave wanting more. It's something he says they learned from the Telluride film fest.

It was a great time and both gentlemen were great sports and had to be pulled away from us.

I'm looking forward to the next 4 days of films. If you want follow me on Twitter (@EliseCD) where I'll try to tweet as much as possible between films and during some of the many amazing Q&As.

Thanks for this pic from Will at The Cinementals. I (far right) really am soaking it in with Kim from Glam Amor

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PBS' Antique Roadshow Tickets

Just one week to apply for tickets to PBS' Antique Roadshow. I went several years ago and it really is an amazing experience. Even if you find your treasures are only treasures to you , you will have an amazing time. The most fun is hearing the stories of your items and talking to all the other attendees in what will be long lines for the appraisers.

If you can find multiple people to apply for tickets to increase your odd of getting drawn.

Here are the cities and dates Roadshow will be coming to this summer

Boston, MA June 9
Myrtle Beach, SC June 23
Rapid City, SD July 14
Cincinnati, OH July 21
Corpus Christi, TX August 4
Seattle, WA August 18

You must get your application in by April 16th.

Sadly, none of them are near me, or I would be there. Maybe next year.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Touring MGM now Sony Studios

The first thing about the old MGM studio is there is nothing that says MGM there, with the exception of the manhole cover pictured above. You'll see lots of Columbia stuff and Sony but no MGM.

I was on the lot for a screening the other day and grabbed a few shots of interesting sites. I tweeted most of them live but just incase you missed those I thought I'd post them here.

Here is the Irving Thalberg building, the boy genius who was a producer and married to Norma Shearer. The Building was named for him after he died suddenly at the age of 37.

Inside the Thalberg building there are many Oscars on display with their movie posters. Here's one of my favorites, It Happened One Night.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. I really love going on these old lots. Living in LA I get to go a few times a year and it still gives me little shivers knowing I'm at MGM. Even if there is only a manhole cover to prove it.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mad Men Season 5 Epi 4 Mystery Date

The title of this episode kind of applies to all the story lines. Everyone is having mystery dates.

Don & Andrea: While Don's "interlude" with Andrea is a dream, it is quite revealing. At the very least his subconscious is very serious about not cheating on Megan (Too Much). He seems to know that the only way he can resist extra marrital sex is to strangle it and then hide it under the bed.
It's not a very good sign for Megan. Since I don't see Don actually killing any of his real life ladies.

Joan & Doug: These two have been doomed for a long time. While Joan has known who Doug was from the beginning, she finally made the decision that he is never going to be a good husband for her or father for Roger's baby. Hopefully this opens the door for Roger to get rid of the new Mrs. for a newer Mrs. Joan Sterling.

Don & Micheal: Don is trying to figure out who Micheal is and how to work with him. Michael has such a different perspective. When Don gives him his scathing "Don't ever do that again" talk, Michael comes back with "he's such a decent guy".
Between this and his reaction to the graphic picture from the Nursing school murders, I think he's seen some extremely rough times. He is jewish and his father has a strong east european accent. I'm guessing concentration camp survivor, or they lost all their family in them.

Roger & Peggy: Roger tries to intimidate Peggy into covering his mistake with Mohawk. He has no idea how to talk to her. Love that Peggy shakes Roger down for all his cash and then threatening to take his watch if he doesn't stop being so demanding and rude.

Sally and Grandma Harris: Sally is going to think Betty is a saint after her time with Grandma Harris. She is brutal. Love the story of her father kicking her accross the room and saying "That's for nothing, so look out" And grandma Harris calls it valueable advice.
Not to mention giving Sally her first seconal and probably making her terrified of all men for the rest of her life. Good job grandma.

Peggy & Dawn: This was just an interesting snap shot of both of their lives. Dawn is happy as a secretary but is it possible Peggy isn't as a copy writer? That's the first I've heard her say anything like that.Peggy as Esther Blodgett from A Star is Born, that's not how I thought she would has discribed her ascent.
It was nice how drunk Peggy tries to let Dawn know she understands, a little, how it is to be one of a kind at the office.

The Nurses & the Murderer: This part is so awful. Coincidently I saw some news program with Richard Speck years ago. He was in prison, taking hormones to grow breasts, doing drugs, and having sex with fellow inmates. It looked like just about what he deserved. Living hell.

This and That:

Both Don and Grandma Harris make cracks about the awful house and how scary it is.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Nurse Jackie & The Big C on Showtime

This Sunday Nurse Jackie and The Big C come back to Showtime. It makes for a busy Sunday night with Mad Men and The Good Wife. Just set your DVR to overdrive and you should be fine.

Nurse Jackie
Can't wait to see how Jackie manages sobriety. From the preview it looks like she's taking it to her and everyone elses limit, before she checks into rehab.

The Big C
How will Cathy deal with being the widow when all along we had all thought she would be the one to leave a widower?

It should make for two fascinating seasons.

I'll be tweeting along with the shows #NurseJackie and #TheBigC

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Magic City Premieres on Starz Friday, April 6th

Magic City starts tomorrow night on Starz! This is just a reminder, I'll definetly be tuning in and tweeting it with #MagicCity.
Both fingers crossed for it to be as great as it looks. I completely admit to a school girl crush on Danny Houston. Looks like he is playing the bad guy, again, in this. Why don't they ever give him the nice guy parts? Anyway,for more details check the Magic City Starz site.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Follies at The Ahmanson

I'm dying to see Follies at the Ahmanson this May. It's coming to LA with almost all of it's original cast and I know it's going to be a spectacular show.

Here's the synopsis from CTG:

When former members of the “Weismann Follies” reunite on the eve of their theatre's demolition, two couples remember their past and face the harsher realities of the present. Reminiscing about their younger selves and the years gone by, the crumbling theatre brings back memories for both couples of good times and bad.

Containing such well-known songs as “Broadway Baby,” “I’m Still Here,” “Too Many Mornings,” “Could I Leave You?” and “Losing My Mind,” “Follies” echoes the songs, exuberance and romance of the vaudeville days between the two World Wars.

I am definitely seeing this one!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mad Men Tea Leaves s5 e3

Before we get into tonights episode, let's take a moment to just appreciate that it was Sunday night and we get to watch Mad Men. Who knows how long we will have to wait for the next season so let's enjoy it thoroughly. Ok now for the show.

It was great to see Betty, and so much of her. I was terrified they were going to kill her off with cancer, but it looks like she is just stuffing herself and her feelings for Don. She needs to hear Don tell her it was all going to be ok and when he called her birdy, you could see her just soak it up like water in the desert.I thought Henry's head was going to explode when Don called to see if Betty was ok. Henry obviously knows Betty is still in love with Don. Sorry Henry, that's a risk you run when you're picking up pregnant ladies.

In the end Betty takes the call telling her she's ok in the lonely cavernous hall. Even with Henry right there she is alone. I was hoping Betty would see this brush with death as a chance at a new life. Though when she starts eating Sally's ice cream I think she may just go back to business as usual. I predict her getting bigger and bigger this season, and then hopefully having some kind clarity and getting help mentally and physically.

Pete and Roger are continuing their war of words. Looks like Roger is getting pretty tired of it. This last round with Mohawk Airlines may be the nail in the coffin. Roger is tired of trying to keep up with all the kids. I wonder if his wife is one of them?? Roger is waiting for things to get back to normal, he doesn't realize this is normal now. He even says he's given up on actual life and death when Don talks to him about Betty being ill and how it will affect the kids.

Don and Harry's Rolling Stones excursion is a total flop. It brought to mind Don's trip with Sal, which also went up in flames. Both literally and figuritively. Don and Harry end up with Harry pounding 20 of something in a post high munchy session and Harry having accidently signed The Trade Winds instead of The Stones. Heinz wants the youth market and SCDP doesn't understand who that is at all.

Finally! Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price is integrated. We saw last week that a African American secretary was going to be hired but now a Jewish copy writer too. Fun/racist jokes about Don's new secretary's name being Dawn. Of course Roger with his "Always darkest before the Dawn." Harry and his general idiocy. Hopefully she will get a storyline. The new copywriter Micheal Ginsberg(does Scott Baio know he's been cloned?) seems a bit unbalanced but should be fun to watch. They already showed us his home life with his father, I'm guessing we'll see more there soon.

I don't know what to make of the closing credit song from Sound of Music, I am sixteen going on seventeen. Maybe just that Betty is still a child who needs someone to lead her, and that someone has to be Don.

Here is a Trade Winds song just for good measure. Coincidently they changed their name several times too.

As another side note. Translation of Megan's phone call with her parents, She said "yes it's hot. I'm drinking a lot of water. I miss you too." I'm not great with tenses so this might have been all in future tense and in regard to their trip to Fire Island. Anyway, I'm sure the exchange with her parents will come up later, maybe just that they're a bit over protective of her. Don doesn't have a great track record with in laws. He better watch it.