Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mad Men Season 5 Epi 7 At The Codfish Ball

Megan's parents explained a lot about Megan and Don's relationship and possibly created about as many questions. They obviously hate one another. Megan's father seems to think that Don, the rich man, has stolen his daughter from her true calling (acting?). Megan's mom has a drinking problem and when she passes out with her hand draped out holding a cigarette(Just like the above logo) , you have to wonder if they're try to tell us that Megan is trying to fix something with her mother through her relationship with Don.

 I do love that Don is trying so hard with her parents. Carrying the bags for her father instead of letting their doorman do it. He doesn't want his father in law to think he is the capitalist pig he suspects. But there is no chance, as evidenced by him having Bobby fill his fountain pen on the white carpet. It was like a giant F@#* You.

 I still think Don and Megan's marriage is bound for divorce. Especially, with her home example and her father obviously pushing her to leave him. We'll see...

 The Peggy and Abe story was great. Love that we got another Joan and Peggy pow wow. (we haven't been getting much Joan the last few episodes) By the end of the episode I still wasn't sure how Peggy felt about Abe wanting to live together rather than getting married. Joan's reaction was great and sincere, I think. Maybe Peggy really doesn't know either. It's possible Abe thinks Peggy is a working women and wouldn't want to get married. I think the main motivation for his asking was his seeing how the guys in the office talk to her. He wants some ownership over her.

 Peggy's mother has probably had all she can take from Peggy. But I bet she will adjust to this idea in time. Hopefully, Peggy and Abe will work out and our Peggy won't end up having to buy all those cats.

 The Cancer dinner was interesting. I thought Roger was going to be Sally's first date and play it perfectly. But once she walked in on him and Megan's mother that went out the window. Then Ken's father in law telling Don none of the execs from the Cancer Society would trust him with an account after his Lucky Strike letter. They'll give him awards but never hire him. When they all return to the table, Megan, her father and mother, Don And Sally. It looks like a bomb has gone off. They are all devastated.

 Finally, what is going on with Megan? She comes up with that great campaign. She holds Don's hand through the entire pitch. But when Peggy congratulates her, which I wasn't sure she was going to be happy about, it looks like Megan is the unhappy one. Is it true, does she really want to be doing something else. Is she only pretending to like advertising because Don likes it, like her father said at the beginning of the episode.

Just to wrap things up here is Shirley Temple singing At The Codfish Ball

Shirley is dancing with Buddy Ebsen, who we often see a picture of as Jed Clampett in Harry Crane's office. Either someone has a thing for Ebsen over there or this is a major coincidence.

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