Monday, April 16, 2012

Mad Men Season 5 Epi 5 Signal 30

Tonight's episode was all about Pete. We open with Pete in driving school watching Signal 30. I love the metaphor, Pete still hasn't learned how to do something most 16 year olds learn, and consequently is living his life like Signal 30 crashing and burning more often than not. Even when he tries to seduce his teenage classmate he is out maneuvered by a teenage boy.

Then Pete tries to fix the dripping faucet (that Trudy has cease to even notice, another metaphor) But the fix is temporary until it explodes later at the slightest touch. With Don at the house he fixes it easily while Pete is still fumbling in his tool box.

Finally Pete's bad attitude gets someone to beat him up. Roger threatened to a few weeks ago, but this week he pushes Lane too far and actually gets beat up. This probably would have been bad enough, but that everyone so obviously enjoys seeing him get pounded is the final nail in the coffin.

Pete has become just what Don warned him about in season one. He is now the hated man in the corner office. In the elevator at the end of the episode Pete tells Don he has nothing. Because he knows they are not his friends and no matter how much business he brings in it will always be everyone against him. Too bad he doesn't understand he brings it on himself.

Everyone still loves Roger though. Don doesn't judge Roger sleeping with the prostitute. Cooper is actually massaging Roger at the beginning of the meeting that devolves into a fist fight. Even when Roger tells Ken to stop writing his stories you end up feeling bad for Roger with his parting line " When this job is good it satisfies every need. Believe me. I remember."

Ken Cosgrove will continue his writing even though he tells Peggy he's finished. Switching pen names from Ben Hargrove to Dave Algonquin. We close the episode with his story about Pete's new stereo/sideboard, which he says sounds like a miniature orchestra. I loved the image of death in the doorway clipping his nails.

This and That:

Don wants to start a family with Megan. Megan does not seem enthusiastic.

I was surprised when Don was saying he grew up in a whore house? Did he? After his Dad died? I don't remember hearing that before.

Pete and the prostitute was pretty funny. Her trying out her different approaches and his nope nope OK.

Another mass murderer this week. Like Ken's story at the dinner party, the robot's are pulling out bolts all over the place and the world is becoming a scarier or at the very least less safe place.

Lane grabbing Joan and kissing her when she tells him it's good he's different from them. She didn't really push him away, though that's not really her style. I don't think that will go anywhere but it was a surprise.

I hope we get to see Pete explaining to Trudy about his bruises when he gets home.

As always looking forward to next week but hope Pete bounces back a bit and we don't end up with another season with him spiralling out of control like Don last year.

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