Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tony Curtis RIP

I was so sad to find out Tony Curtis passed away last night. I had hoped to see him again at the TCM Classic Film Festival this spring. I have always loved his films and it was amazing to see so much of him last year at the Film Fest. I took quite a bit of video of interviews with Tony. I posted some video of Tony talking about Some Like It Hot awhile back and below is some more video from that interview, where Tony talks about Marilyn.

Hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday Night TV

Holy Smokes!!! I just realized how much TV I have to watch Tuesday nights. By, have to, I mean I love too much to ever miss. It starts with Glee, then Flipping Out, The Good Wife, and Parenthood.
Taking the last one first Parenthood, is the show I love to hate. It makes me a little crazy but I can't miss it. Last night they had Joyce (Zosia Mamet) from Mad Men and Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) from True Blood on Parenthood. It looks like they are both reoccurring characters, so that is an extra bonus.
The Good Wife Premiered last night. I just love love this show. Alan Cumming's character is getting very meaty. I can't believe he erased Alicia's messages. He's bad and now he's in cahoots with Alicia's mother in law. Not to mention, the dreamy new partner Derrick Bond played by Michael Ealy.
Flipping Out reminds me of my old personal assistant days. Jeff Lewis makes my old employers look like angels. He is such a bundle of neurosis but he is still very likable somehow.
Glee is my new love. Sometimes I think I really only like the singing and dancing. Especially, last night with all the great Brittany Spears numbers. Who knew that Brit (Heather Morris) was such a great dancer, her numbers were really stand out. The story lines are kind of silly, but as long as I get plenty of musical fodder, I don't care.
So that's Tuesday night, fire up your DVRs and join me, you'll be glad you did.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mad Men Episode 10 Season 4

Mad Men episode 10, Hands and Knees was all about the men. Last week we saw the pressures of being a woman in 1965. Choosing between family and work, taking care of just about every soul that crosses your path, and doing it all in heals and a girdle.
This week we see the strain on the men, which for Don and Lane brings them to their hands and knees. Poor Lane is still his father's whipping boy. He's been having such a good time with his freedom in New York, but one good smack over the head with daddy's cane and he's headed back to London to get his family back together.
Roger's desperation to get new clients, after Lucky Strike gave him notice. The upside on this news is that we might get Sal back, if Lee is no longer a client. I don't know what to say about Joan's pregnancy. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure she went through with the abortion. Roger was pretty clear he wanted no part of the baby, but may be open to a relationship with Joan.
Of course Don, Is still running from who he really is. I didn't think we'd revisit his identity issues now that it had been settled with Betty. I think Faye will keep after him to resolve it, which may be what sends her out of his life, or what binds them together. Though the way he was ogling his secretary at the end of the episode makes me think Faye's days could be numbered.
Finally, Pete is all kinds of over his partners. If it weren't for Trudy and his baby he would be out of there. But as it is he knows he needs Don to keep the agency afloat and is willing to do whatever necessary to stop him from running away, even if it means eating a huge piece of undeserved humble pie. I can't wait to see how Pete unloads on Roger when he finds out Lucky Strike is gone.

In other news, great to see Betty sticking up for Don, or maybe just for herself. Whatever the reason she saved Don's Bacon. Loved how she told Henry about the agent coming, because she didn't want any secrets, but omitted the part where she lied to them. Opps.

Loved the orchestration of The Beatles song at the end. I don't know all the lyrics but the chorus is "listen ohh ahh ohh Do you want to know a secret, ooh aah ooh, do you promise not to tell, ahh ahhahh" You could see where they thought it was a good match.

Here's the entire song.

I checked the scene from next week and looks like we'll be getting more Abe. Yeah!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dan Savage's "It Get's Better"

Here's an important message from Dan Savage, to LGBTQ high school kids. It Get's Better.
Please share it anywhere you can. While it is geared to LGBTQ kids, it can really apply to any child who is struggling socially.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TCM Classic Film Festival 2011

Last night TCM announced the second Classic Film Festival. It will be in Hollywood on April 28-May 1st. Tickets won't go on sale until November, but you should go sign up for all the update.
Last year was amazing. I saw so many wonderful films on the big screen for the first time. The panels were once in a life time opportunities. I practically sat in Ernest Borgnines lap while he was interviewed. Tony Curtis was everywhere I went, and Luise Rainer was beyond charming talking about The Good Earth . There were so many wonderful things about the festival, you just have to come this year and see for yourself.

Here's a little taste of last year. This is a video I took of Tony Curtis being interviewed before a screening of Some Like It Hot.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mad Men Episode 9 Season 4

The Beautiful Girls, Mad Men's episode 9 of season 4 was full of things we've been waiting to see. Ms. Blankenship's demise not withstanding.
Roger and Joan together again, if only for a stolen moment was a glimpse of hope. Even if everything in their world has gotten old and seedy. Now when they go out to their old places, the clientele is geriatric and they get mugged walking home.
Don and Dr. Fay seem to be heading toward those wedding bells. Their budding relationship seems more modern than any yet depicted on the show. If for no other reason than Fay telling Don that she loves children but doesn't want any. She nothing if not clear about her boundries.
It was great to see Sally so much this episode. The whole scene with the french toast was hysterical. Of course Don likes french toast with rum instead of syrup. She is so ready to grow up, she can't wait.
I know a lot of people were hoping we'd see Abe again. I think he will be the one that pulls Peggy into feminism, whether he realizes it or not. I loved what Peggy said about not being able to do the things "negroes" couldn't as a women. How oblivious Abe was to the statement.
The whole episode was really very female centric. Like Joyce, Peggy's friend, says women are the pot that hold the vegatable soup/men. Women warm them, hold them, and contain them, or something along those lines.
The final scene with Peggy, Joan, and Fay in the elevator was a great shot. These three very different women all taking care of men in their own way to their own degree. Where would these men be without them? Whose supporting these women?

One odd visual tonight was the 666 address you could see, on another building, through the reception window, when Sally is brought to the office by the train lady. In fact there were a few references to satan tonight. Perhaps the address is geographically accurate, but still interesting. I have no theory what it could mean, except maybe all the Mad Men True Blood cast exchange has reached a new level.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Boardwalk Empire on HBO

Boardwalk Empire starts on HBO tomorrow night. Steve Buscemi stars, who I love, ever since Mr. Pink.
I have tried and tried to get a screener of Boardwalk Empire but with no success. Probably just as well, since it's always excruiating to have to hold my tongue until the air date.
I have been waiting for this premiere for, what feels like, forever. If I wasn't dressing up in 50's garb for Wednesday night's Blogger Prom, I might have been inspired to throw a 20's party tomorrow. But as it is I'll be glued to the couch all by my onesie tomorrow night for Boardwalk Empire and of course Mad Men.
Thank god True Blood's over, or my DVR would be in over drive.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Glee Season 2

Glee season 2 starts this Tuesday. I just watched Glee: The Complete First Season(affiliate link) and I have to say LOVED IT! Love the music, love the dancing, love love love the diversity. I thought it was just some teen show when I heard about it last year, but Fox sent me the first season and I am a complete convert. Course, you all know I love my musicals, so this can't be much of a surprise.
The only criticism I have, is that every female character is crazy. I hate to be the angry feminist women, but if the burnt bra fits...with women lying about pregnancies, being clean freaks, overly competitive to the point of criminal, it's hard to miss. Especially when the two male leads are squeaky clean and ridiculously understanding.
But apart from that the show is flawless.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blogger Prom 2010

Blogger Prom is this Wednesday and I had all but given up any hope of being invited. But then a miracle happened and Kim Tracy Prince asked me to be her plus one. Hurray!!!
It's all happening at Yamashiro's in Hollywood. You still have a chance to join in on the fun. Just go to the Yamashiro Facbook page and like it and leave a comment on why you want to crash the prom.
I think they're drawing the winner tomorrow, so if you want in you better act fast.

P.S. I thought I'd include my mortifying actual prom picture. I was so embarrassed by my eyes being closed that I never gave out any of the wallet sized pictures. I still have them, if you want one. Cause, now I'm totally fine posting it for the world to see. At least I've evolved that much.
Thanks to my date, Bogie, he was my miracle in 1987 that made it possible for me to go to that prom. And yes, that was his real name.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mad Men Episode 8 Season 4

Mad Men Episode 8 The Summer Man, boy am I happy to see you. It's June 1965 and Don is taking control of his life. The show opens with him literally getting back in the swim of things at the New York Athletic Club. Then we go directly to Don talking about smelling corn, a symbol of plenty. I can only hope that the long dark haul that was the first half of this season is over!!!
I think Don's "60's radicalization" has begun. Don't get me wrong I don't think he'll be showing up in a paisley shirt any time. He has however begun to look inward. Writing a diary is a sure sign of that. I think he's finally stopped believing who others tell him he is(ie. a whore child), and stopped trying to be who he thinks he should be(a philandering schmuck). Don/Dick is going to try just being himself. He doesn't have to bang every girl anymore and if he wants to go to his son's birthday party he can go.
Betty is regretting (just a little) marrying the perfect Henry Francis. I think she's gotten tired of the big strong man telling her what to do all the time. Don's imperfections are looking less like failings, now that she sees she has some of her own.
Henry is definitely dealing with the fact that Betty is not Grace Kelly. I'm guessing they won't be paying Don rent much longer. He's feeling the squeeze and getting Don's boxes out of the garage is only going to go so far.
At the office feminist issues continue. A woman's only choices are meaningless secretary or humorless bitch or of course sit there and take it. After Joey's umpteenth disrespectful exchange with Joan, Joan loses it and basically tells him, Rizzo(whose stolen Mrs. Blankenships cataract surgery googles), and some third banana she'll be happy when they are all drafted and die in Viet Nam. Then Peggy fires him, love it, especially her "Don doesn't know who you are".
In office decor news, love Harry's office with the autographed Jed Clampett picture from The Beverly Hill Billies. The americanisation of Lane Pryce continues with his office decor of a Mets Pennant, Chrysler building, and the statue of liberty. He may be forcing it a bit.
We finally got our date with Don and Dr. Fay. I loved Don listening in to her break up call. She said exactly who she was, a women who gives a man a key to her home, but tells him to pick up after himself, and possibly above all she DOES NOT COOK! I thought Don was going to melt when she said her father was affiliated with the mob.

Things are looking up all over and we got to see Francine.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Alpha and Omega Giveaway

Alpha and Omega in 3D comes out Sept 17. My daughter and I were invited to an advance screening, OK maybe I begged our way in, either way we went and had a great time.
Now to celebrate it's opening they have given me a fun prize pack for a giveaway, that includes an Activity & Coloring Book, Alpha Ears, Bookmark, Poster and A&O Nintendo DS games.
Sounds great, Right?

Just leave a comment on this post, make sure to include your email. You can tweet the contest if you would like a second entry. Please leave a second comment letting me know if you do.
I'll draw a winner on Sept. 16th.
Lastly, all entrants should be within the contiguous US. Apologies to Hawaii and Canada.

Good Luck

Number 17 Bay is our winner. thanks for playing everyone.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Smells Like Teen Spirit

I just read on Yahoo that Smells Like Teen Spirit came out 19 years ago, today. How is that possible....
It does remind me that we will be the generation remembered for grunge, oh and of course the popularization of tattoos. At least I'm proud of half of it.
For the record I would like to say that I wore thermals under shorts in high school(the last 80's).
That is all

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm Still Here

I'm Still Here opens tomorrow.It "stars" Joaquin Pheonix and is directed by Casey Affleck. Honestly I have no idea if it is a documentary about stardom, or a mockumentary about stardom. I'm hoping the later. Joaquin seems so lost in the trailer footage (below), and on the infamous Letterman appearance.
Hopefully we will see a clean shaven, happy Joaquin soon...

Here's Magnolia Films plot summary:
I'm Still Here is a portrayal of a tumultuous year in the life of actor Joaquin Phoenix. With remarkable access, the documentary follows the Oscar-nominee as he announces his retirement from a successful film career in the fall of 2008 and sets off to reinvent himself as a hip hop musician. The film is a portrait of an artist at a crossroads and explores notions of courage and creative reinvention, as well as the ramifications of a life spent in the public eye. Written by Magnolia Pictures

Honda FCX Clarity Hydrogen

Honda FCX Clarity Hydrogen

A few month ago Honda contacted me to see if I would like to test drive their mini van, the Odyssey. As a mommy blogger I could see where they might think I'd like a mini van. But with the environment getting worse and worse, I'm trying to make some better choices. So I asked if I might try one of their hybrids instead. Well, I gotta tell you all I hit the jack pot. They came right back with the offer to try the Clarity.
I thought it would be small like a Prius, but it's a full size sedan. The Clarity is a fuel cell electric vehicle and zero emission hydrogen powered. It's amazing what a smooth ride it is. It looks like they are only available for lease and only in small quantities. If you have the means and the opportunity, I highly recommend you get one of these.
The only down side is the trunk is small, that's where they keep the hydrogen. If you have older children (or none) it wouldn't be a problem. You can definitely fit five or six grocery bags. But if you need to cart around a stroller, this might not be your best choice.
Here's a little video of me loving the car.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mad Men Episode 7 Season 4

Mad Men Episode 7 Season 4 The Suitcase felt so connected to the first episode of the show for Don and Peggy. Many things that started there came back around. After Peggy's show of strength last week, this week we have her crying in the bathroom. Something I think she promised herself she would never do, in the first episode. The other thing was Don taking Peggy's hand. In the first episode Peggy tried to hold Don's hand and he pushed her away. Now they care about each other and know one another for who they are.
I think this episode underlines how much Don and Peggy have in common. Both of them feel like no one really understands them, neither of them feels they can be themselves, they both watched their fathers die, and of course they both have a secret. I don't think we'll see them become a couple. Though they have slept together now. Even if it was fully dressed on the couch in Don's office. They may become one anothers closest friend, and confidant. Maybe Peggy can get Don off the sauce.
I loved the scene when Don says that The only person (Anna) who really knew him had died and Peggy said that wasn't true. Also Don consoling Peggy on her break up with mark, saying "as Danny would say Don't cry over fish in the sea". But maybe the best thing in the episode was a shot of Don and Peggy on bar stools, in a bar listening to the Liston Ali fight. It's just their backs and everyone else in the bar is on their feet yelling at Liston "get up, get up!" they are both so still it felt to me like it was directed at them. Don't just lay their Don and Peggy get up and be yourselves.
The episode was full of information too. For example, we now know Dr Lyle Evans is the doctor who cut off Cooper's balls and who Cooper may or may not have had killed. I can't believe that Mrs Blankenship and Roger had a fling back in the day. I feel like Roger's book could be a series of it's own.
It was sad to see what a disaster Duck has become. Hopefully the fact that someone that messed up could get Don to literally say uncle, will wake Don up to how far down the rabbit hole he is. Pretty much everything in Don's life is screaming at him to get it together. Maybe next week...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chaplin Studio Tour

I spent an afternoon at Jim Henson Studio the other day. They won't let me tell you about why for another few weeks. So, I filmed the lot, which use to be Charlie Chaplin's studio. You know I love my classic films and stars. Hope you enjoy it.

Here is some original footage of the studio with Chaplin narrating.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

CBS Local-Los Angeles

Just in case you aren't getting enough of me, I wanted to let you all know I am now a contributor to the CBS local web site for Los Angeles. I'm writing for the Best of Family portion. I wrote the pieces on The LA County Fair, Hair Cuts, and Griffith Park that are up now.
I guess this makes me legit. Don't worry I won't let it change me .

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Conan's new Show on TBS

Conan O'Brien's new show on TBS start November 8th. Here's the big announcement of the name.