Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mad Men Season 5 Epi 6 Far Away Places

This feels like the break up episode. Some of the relationships are at the beginning of break ups and some of them the end. Perhaps the partners in the relationships are each in a far away place from the other.

Peggy & Abe: Peggy in general can't make anyone happy with the possible exception of strangers in movie theatres. Abe wants her to be a better girl friend, less focused on work. Truly I think they're too different. He wants to go to The Naked Prey and she ends up at Born Free. Seriously from different planets.
Heinz wants her to be, a man, basically. When the guys says he's letting her get away with what she's said because he has a daughter. He basically called her a child to be tolerated. She really is getting it from every where.

Ginsberg & reality: Last week I called the concentration camp connection, but even I'm not good(obsessed) enough to catch the Mars connection. I'm not entirely sure he was kidding about being from Mars. What did he mean by the communication, to "stay where you are"? I was a bit lost on all that. I would definitely understand if he had a hard time finding people with common early experiences.

Don & Roger: After tonights episode I feel like I have to go back and watch their entire relationship. Is it me, or are they one anothers yin and yang. Rogers miserable, Don is elated. Then Roger gets his freedom and is about to be, what I hope, is very very happy with Joan and their baby and Don's life goes out the window.
Loved the reference to the twins and the hospital. Ah the good old days.

Roger & Jane: The moment we have been crossing our fingers has finally come. Roger and Jane are getting a divorce. It might have been more fun to watch them if they had been on acid from the beginning. Course that Derby Day party was pretty trippy. I love that the world burst into song for Roger when he open a bottle of vodka on acid. Also he sees Don as the guide for his trip. And Cooper is on the $5 bill. Tie in with Lincoln or not, you decide. Finally the black Sox series game was hysterical.
Anyway, I'm hoping to see Roger on acid more, and from the scene from next week I think that is pretty likely.

Don & Megan: These two seem destined for disaster. Don doesn't respect Megan's place at work. He drags her to Howard Johnson and tells the team they don't need HIM. When it is Megan who has been Peggy's junior on the campaign. Unless they can get this sorted, I don't think it will end well. We see them again on that white carpet that is also doomed to destruction, with Megan saying that every fight diminishes their love.
Then we see the car ride back from Disneyland. Where Don is Whistling I Want To Hold Your Hand, by The Beatles. Megan said I thought you hated that and Don says it stuck in my head. You can see where she might have thought he would like her younger generation things more than he has turned out too.

This and That:

The drugs are really popping up everywhere. A few weeks ago with Sally. This week Peggy gets stoned in a theatre and Roger takes LSD.

Don doesn't buy Gene a gift.

Frank Lloyd Rice
. I love Roger. Just saying it wrong to annoy snooty people.

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