Sunday, June 27, 2010

Despicable Me Premiere

Just spent an amazing afternoon at the Despicable Me Premiere. They put me right on the red carpet to interview, that was a first. I totally choked. I think I'm more of a junket, room full of press question asker.
I did get to see lots of fun celebs walk the red carpet. Here are videos of Steve Carell and the stupendous Julie Andrews. If you watch the back ground of the Steve Carell video you'll see Jason Segel walk by. The interviewer you hear is not me, but's interviewer. They were kind enough to let me record it too. I'm looking forward to seeing this film which open July 9th.

Julie Andrews at Despicable Me Premiere from Elise Crane Derby on Vimeo.

I'm still trying to decide if I like Vimeo or you tube better so you're getting one on each.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thurgood at The Geffen Playhouse

Thurgood starring Laurence Fishburne starts at The Geffen Playhouse tomorrow, June 27 and runs through August 8th. I've already got my tickets, and I suggest if you want to see it you get yours immediately. I tried to change my tickets the other day and found out that much of the dates are already sold out, and those that aren't sold out have very few seats left. So act fast.

Here's the synopsis:
Witness one of America’s greatest stories told from the stage by one of our greatest story tellers. Tony Award Winner, Emmy Award Winner and Oscar Nominee Laurence Fishburne transforms into Thurgood Marshall to tell the triumphant story of how a boy from the backstreets of Baltimore changed history. From arguing the 1954 landmark case Brown v. Board of Education to becoming the first African-American Supreme Court justice, Thurgood Marshall’s tenacious advocacy broke open the civil rights movement, paving the way for the young African-American leaders of our future. Fishburne’s acclaimed Broadway performance of Thurgood earned him a Drama Desk Award and an Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Solo Performance, as well as a Tony nomination for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Kids Are All Right

I was invited to see a screening of The Kids Are all Right a few weeks ago. I was really excited to see it, and it was great. The film is about a lesbian couple, Annette Bening and Julianna Moore, who have two almost grown children who decide to meet their sperm donor father, Mark Ruffalo. I expected it to be dark, but it was actually really funny.
The Kids Are All Right opens July 9th and I highly recommend you see it. I think it is bound to be a big hit. Just as a side benefit the film seems to be shot all around the west side of LA, so if you're local you can play name that location.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grown Ups

Last night I was invited to an advanced screening of Grown Ups starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. My immediate response after seeing it, and by that I mean what I tweeted was, If the people who made Meatballs made The Big Chill it would be Grown Ups. You can take this anyway you like. My husband thinks Meatballs is a great movie, so he takes it as a rave review. I think Meatballs is a pretty silly movie not to mention chauvanistic, so it's not so much a rave for me.
I will say Grown Ups had me laughing out loud several times, even if it was against my better judgement. It's definitely geared to the 40ish male audience, so I suppose I'm not it's demographic anyway.

For those of you who have no idea what Meatballs is:

Hmm...after watching the trailer for Meatballs it maybe more cerebral than Grown Ups. Oh well, you get the general idea.

Grown Ups opens June 25.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Microsoft's Kinect for XBox

Earlier this week I was invited to a hands on Microsoft Kinect party with my daughter. I have to tell you this new, no controller, Xbox gaming system, kicks all other gaming systems ass. It's not even close. Really the only thing that could make it better is adding 3D, and you'd basically have virtual reality.

The other thing I love about the no controller, is no batteries. I don't know about you but we blow through controller batteries like crazy. It isn't very green on our part. So not only is it a better gaming system but it's greener. Nothing beats green.

We got to play several of the games. My 6 year old loved the Kinectimals, a game where you virtually play with tiger cubs. I liked Dance Central, and the sport and fitness games.

It goes on sale in November. Just in time for the holiday season. I know what I'm asking Santa for

We also attend the very un Cirque Du Soleil performance, but I think that has been covered thoroughly, so I'll leave it out.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hot in Cleveland

Tomorrow night Hot in Cleveland starts on TV Land at 10. It stars Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick, and Jane Leeves. It's an all star sitcom cast. I'm hoping it will be great.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Fabulous Beekman Boys

The Fabulous Beekman Boys is finally premiering on Planet Green this Wednesday June 16th. I got to meet Josh and Brent, the boys, back in December and I have to say I kinda love them. The show is adorable, and I'm sure it will be a huge hit.
To celebrate their debut I'm throwing a twitter party. It will start at 6pm PT on Wednesday, June 16th. Please come by and get a chance to win some of the great prizes (shown below) the Boys and Planet Green are suppling. Our hash tag will be #Beekman. Hope to see you there.

Friday, June 11, 2010

All The Real Housewives shows on Bravo

Please don't tell PBS but I love The Real Housewives shows on Bravo. Yes Sir from Nene in Atlanta to Jill in NY, to all those crazy ladies in the OC. I LOVE them. Last night when my husband found me watching the all new spin off from the NY Housewives, Bethanny Getting Married, he rolled his eye and said not another one.

If you aren't watching these shows, check one out, just once, for me. It's all the fun of having really dramatic friends with none of the pain in the ass of actually having to deal with them.

These shows are definitely my guilty pleasure.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

True Blood June 13 on HBO

True Blood is coming back to HBO. I'm very excited to have one of my shows finally starting this Sunday. I need a refresher on where we left off. Thank god, they have them all on On Demand. If you haven't been watching True Blood I recommend you do a marathon to catch up by Sunday.

Anyway the most important thing I want to get across is, don't call my house after 9pm on Sunday. I will not answer and there will be retribution for breaking my TV concentration with your ring.

Looks good, right?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mad Men's Janie Bryant at LACMA

Janie Bryant, the costume designer for Mad Men is doing a fashion show at the La County Museum of Art this Wednesday, June 9th, presented by the Costume Council. With the premiere of Mad Men just over a month away, this might be just the thing to get you through.

Costume Council: Mad Men Discussion and Fashion Show

Wednesday, June 9 | 7:30 pm

Janie Bryant, Mad Men costume designer, and fashion journalist and author Monica Corcoran Harel will talk about the process and stories behind the clothes and how Mad Men has revolutionized current fashion. A fashion show featuring Bryant's favorite pieces will follow. Matthew Weiner, creator of the series, will be in attendance.
Bing Theater | Tickets $60; available at the Box Office BUY TICKETS online | Following the discussion and fashion show, a reception will be held at 8:30 pm on the LATCC.

Here's some of the video from last nights show, which was amazing. Janie Bryant was adorable, and gorgeous. I wish I had gotten a better shot of her dress.
I'm looking forward to flash forwards of Betty in her Dynasty gear.

Untitled from Elise Crane Derby on Vimeo.

I got a chance to speak with Christopher Stanley, Henry Francis. He was very nice about being accosted. We talked about Memphis Blue a new show on TNT he is in the premiere episode of. I didn't find out any details about his characters future with Betty. But I think that he was there indicates we will be seeing him in this season.

Other cast members present were Harry Crane/Rich Sommers, and Paul Kinsey/Michael Gladis, and of course Matt Weiner. I didn't speak to any of them, but they all looked great and seemed friendly with all the fans.

Alan Cummings at The Broad

I missed Alan Cummings when he was a The Geffen last year, but I heard it was spectacular. I already have my tickets to see him this July at the Broad. This is a one night only show. So you better get yours. Here are the details.

FRI | JUL 9 | 7:30PM

TICKETS: Level A $75 | Level B $60

Scottish actor/singer/writer/director Alan Cumming is a one-man renaissance. More than a performance, he throws a party on The Broad Stage with his eclectic range of witty, biting compositions, from songs by Sondheim, Bacharach, and Kander & Ebb to a selection from Hedwig and The Angry Inch. It’s not only the music but what Cumming has to say that makes the evening so hilarious and haunting. (And definitely one for adults only.)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memphis Beat on TNT

Memphis Beat is a new show starting on TNT June 22nd. It has a great cast, with Jason Lee as the devoted police detective and Alfre Woodard as his new boss. Unfortunately, the show started off with Jason walking in on Alfre's first day announcements with a naked female torso lamp. I hate to seem like to the humorless feminist here but it really rubbed me the wrong way. They would never think of having him come in with a Sambo lamp??? I don't know why this sort of humiliation is still exceptable?? Anyway, Alfre reminds him that there are women there who do not care to work by boob light so he puts a bra on it. I'm still annoyed.

Beyond that opening scene I did enjoy the show. Somehow it kept reminding me of The Rockford Files, the music and general set decoration has a 70's feel. I do really like Jason Lee both as an actor and he is a great singer, which he did at the beginning and end of the episode. The character sings with a band in the evenings. It has a lot of great music.

Over all I'd say check this out it has great possibilities, if they don't get slap with a sexual harrassment suit.