Monday, September 28, 2009

Last nights Mad Men Wrap Up

I'm still worried about Joan, she wasn't even in last night episode so we got no news on that front. Still there was enough going on without her. I had been thinking what a nice young man our Don Draper was becoming, but it looks like we're heading back to the days of going out for drinks instead of picking up a birthday cake for his kid. And what was the story with that hallucination with his father?? Is Don saying that he thought his life was going to be a party but it turns out he's just going to get screwed by a hill billy???
Then there was Betty's new couch...And what was up with her comment about the decorating and the baby not suppose to have happened at the same time. Could it be that she was faking the due date and our little Gene is really that guy in the bars baby instead of Don's from that time on the floor at her parents??
And finally Peggy and Duck, I didn't think Duck had it in him. And really he doesn't seem like Peggy's type, but que sera sera (I have no idea how to spell that). Looking forward to next week.
Sorry one last question why was the name of the episode Seven twenty three? I know that was the date Don signed the contract, but I'm confused.

New Savvy Source Post

I have a new post up at Savvy Source today. Every Monday I post a new featured activity for children in the Greater LA Area. Todays is about the great childrens program (Saturday Scene) at The Geffen Playhouse on most Saturdays through May. Check Savvy Source for all the details.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brothers and Sisters on ABC

Brothers and Sisters starts back tonight at 10 on ABC. I'm so excited! I really love this show. The only downside is that it is on the exact same time as Mad Men and so I am always pulled on which to watch Sunday night and which to save for the next day. I know life is full of these difficult decisions. I'm sure I'll muddle through till Mad Men goes on hiatus. What a sad day that is...
Anyway, I'll be watching a lot of TV tonight. First two hours of Ken Burns National Parks on PBS from 8-10 and then channel hopping between Mad Men and Brother and Sisters. And somewhere in there I'll be writing my post for Savvy Source for tomorrow, since school is closed for Yom Kippur, all though the school won't say that it's just some kind of teacher training day??? What's up with that??
Whatever, ohh maybe I can stay up all night watching all my shows since I don't have to get up and get the kid to school at the crack of dawn. Yeah!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

PBS National Parks

The wait is over, at least almost, tomorrow night Ken Burns documentary about our National Parks airs on PBS at 8pm. I can't wait to see it. I love the National Parks, we spent our honeymoon traveling from Grand Canyon to Bryce, to Zion, all the way to Yellow Stone, which I have to say is my favorite. I remember we were driving my convertible VW Cabrio through the prairies with the top down and buffalo everywhere, it was simultaneously terrifying and awe inspiring. We were suppose to go to Europe on our honeymoon but as we were married a week after 9/11, we weren't sure it would be safe to leave the country and threw this national parks trip together at the last moment, literally days before we were to go. Because of 9/11 many guest had cancelled their reservations and we were able to stay in the lodges on the park grounds and experience the parks practically deserted. It was an amazing trip, and one I strongly recommend. But until then watch this documentary and live vicariously.

P.S. I also have a huge crush on Ranger Shelton, watch the documentary and you will see why. He makes my knees tremble with his eloquence.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Disney Interactive Studio Giveaway

Last night my family went to this great event Disney Interactive Studio invited us to. They had several games(Toy Story Mania, The Princess and the Frog, A karaoke called Sing It Pop Hits, A Christmas Carol, and more) set up for the kids to play and lots of yummy food and drinks for everyone. My daughter really liked the Toy Story game, which is based on the ride at disneyland. It was a lovely evening and to top it all off they sent us home with a fabulous gift bag, pictured above.
They also offered to give me a second bag to give to one of my readers!!! Yeah!!!
So if you would like to enter to win the bag just leave a comment and I will draw a winner Friday night at 6pm.


If you want to see my Whrrl from the event click here.

UPDATE: We have a winner selected by number 2
Jennifer of Self Confessed Foodie
Congratulations! Stay tuned for more giveaways in the nearish future.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Los Angelista is running a contest for this same gift bag at her site, and it runs till Sunday so if you didn't get this one head over there for another chance. Good Luck. Plus it's just a really great site.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Ahmanson Theatre 2009-2010 Season

The Ahmanson Season has begun with what I think is their best show this year, August: Osage County. I look forward to seeing this Tony Award winner. It runs through October 18th so if you haven't gotten tickets yet do so.
November 13th Brings Mary Poppins with the original Broadway cast, I definitely plan to take my daughter to this one, in my continuing effort to turn her into a musical theatre dork like her mother.
Dream Girls begins February 25th. I don't think it requires much explanation at this point.
The 39 Steps opens April 27th it's billed as a mix between Hitchcock, a spy novel, and Monty Python.
And Finally finishing the season is good old dependable South Pacific. This show traditionally has great numbers that keep the show bouncing along. I'd say it's fool proof!

Hope to see you all at the theatre. If I get any good discounts along the way I'll forward them on to you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Joan on Mad Men

I know it's been a few days since Mad Men was on Sunday night but I'm always doing two or three things while I'm watching it so then I rewatch it while I do two or three other things. I just rewatched (while folding laundry and returning emails)it last night and I'm worried about Joan.
Did anyone else notice her coughing? It was right before they lawn mowed off that poor guy, Guys, foot. Joan was talking to Peggy and she started coughing, that kind of Camille cough. You know the one. I bet that no good surgoen/rapist husband will ditch her in a hot second if she gets sick.
Also, I think we're about to see big changes in Lane, after that eulogy line,"I feel like I just went to my own funeral,and I didn't like the eulogy." No more doormat behavior for him. I think his wife better watch out.
Anyway, That's what I'm doing today, worrying about a fictional characters. Hope you're being more productive.

Monday, September 21, 2009


In the words of my husband it not large it's not small it's Medium. I know he says it everytime the show comes on...Something about having children makes men corny???
Anyway, Medium is coming back this Friday Sept 26th on CBS. YEAH!!!
I love this show, even if it can be a little too graphic.(see this post for LA Moms Blog)
Here's a little preview that the lovely people at CBS were nice enough to share with us. Enjoy!!

PS Don't forget to watch Accidentally On Purpose tonight!! I swear you'll love it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

LA Moms Blog

I'm over at The LA Moms Blog today, talking about my experiences in Kindergarten so far. It's nice as a parent that I keep it all about me. Maybe next week I'll start thinking about how the Monkey is experiencing it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Being Savvy

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to let you all know that I have taken on writing for another blog/social networking site, called Savvy Source. It is a parenting site where you can find activities, recommendations and advice; from both the experts and your friends. I'm very excited about working with them and helping grow their new social networking side. I'm writing for their Greater LA page but they cover most of the country so check it out.
I'll be sending out invitations to join if I have your email. If you don't get one leave a comment here and I'll send you one, or just go to Savvy Source and join.

Monday, September 14, 2009

RIP Patrick Swayze

Hope these two are dancing in heaven.

Barbra Striesand Tonight on TCM

It's all Barbra tonight on Turner Classic Movies.
Starting with Yentl at 5pm pt. I'm not a huge fan of this one but if you've never seen it you should, if only so you'll get all the "Papa Can You Hear Me" references.

Then at 7:30 it's The Way We Were. I love this movie! I love Huble's college essay, and Katie's post war radio job and wardrobe and just the whole thing it's fabulous!!! Watch it

Next is Funny Girl. This is the musical version of Fanny Brices life. It's a great movie. My favorite song in this is Second Hand Rose. OOH and when she's in the Ziegfeld Follies and does the bride number. ( this clip is really long, but it was the only one I could find, skip ahead to Barbra's part it's too funny)

Lastly is The Owl and the Pussy Cat. This is a little dark about a prostitute and a writer, but both Barbra and her co star George Segal are wonderful in it.

If I had been programming this I would have included What's Up Doc? It is hysterical and costars Ryan O'Neil and Madeline Kahn. OOH and On A Clear Day, that one is great. Ok I think I've outed myself as a total Barbra fan.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday nights on ABC

I was just looking over the fall line up of TV shows and Wednesday nights on ABC jumps out at me. From 8:00 till 11:00 they've got a really promising line up.

It starts with a new Kelsey Grammer show, Hank. He plays a Wall St. executive who gets the axe and goes home to his small hometown with his family.

The Middle stars Patricia Heaton in a "quirky" family comedy. This may be a must watch for me.

Modern Family stars Ed O'Neil in a multigenerational family. I have a warm place for Ed, we use to hang out at the same bar, and though I never spoke to him, I did see how nicely he handled people taking his picture in the John.

Then Cougar Town with Courtney Cox, I did not think I was going to like this but based on the preview I think I love it.

And finally Eastwick, they say this is the third attempt to make Witches of Eastwick into a TV show. I don't remember the other two, let's hope this one fares (fairs, I have no idea) better.

It all start Wednesday September 30th. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Santa Monica Pier Centennial

They're celebrating the Santa Monica Pier's 100th birthday Wednesday, September 9th. Beginning at 6 there will be music (including Dick Dale), a 100 foot cake, and the first fireworks show in 18 years. Let's get out there and celebrate our beautiful pier and all it's history.
When I think of the pier I think of my dad taking me their to ride bumper cars and play in the arcade, or curled up in a sleeping bag watching fireworks when I was a teenager(never you mind with who), or seeing it in movies like The Sting. I love my old pier and I plan to be there to say Happy Birthday!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

LA County Fair Giveaway

I started going to the LA County Fair with my husband, in fact it was sort of our first date 13 years ago. We go every year and it really is a whole day affair, and you still don't see everything. As the years have gone by our focus has changed. Now that our daughter is in on it we spend a lot more time on the rides and looking at the animals. But we still get time to go do the labyrinth of shopping, they have 3 large hangers full of everything under the sun(over 2000 retailers), it's not to be missed. The horse races are great fun, if you haven't been to one before, this is the perfect way to get your feet wet. I haven't even talked about the food. The food is great, they have amazing bar-b-ques,chili in a bread bowl and crazy deep fried twinkies and oreos and who knows what else. One year we ate everything they had to offer on a stick, which turned out to be quite a lot. There is much, much more but you will have to go to the fair more than once to see, eat and ride it all.

I'm ready to get someone started with a 4 ticket Family Fun Pack giveaway.

TO ENTER: Just leave a comment on this post by Tuesday Sept. 8 before 6pm pt and be a Southern California resident and one lucky reader will be on their way. Good luck

UPDATE: Congratulations to Shawna of JCGrace Girls who was drawn by!!!