Thursday, September 27, 2012

TCM Classic Film Festival 2013

The TCM Film Festival 2013 dates have been announced it begins April 25 and runs through the 28th. The theme for this years festival is Cinematic Journeys: Travel in the Movies. Like the picture above there is always something for everyone at the TCM Film Festival. They'll screen silent films, horror, action, romance, musicals, and everything in between.

Also don't miss the Road to Hollywood kicking off October 13th. See the release below.

Prior to the 2013 TCM Classic Film Festival, TCM will once again conduct a nationwide Road to Hollywood tour of local film screenings. In keeping with the 2013 festival theme of Cinematic Journeys: Travel in the Movies, TCM is teaming up with NASA and Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for an extra-terrestrial screening of the sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet (1956) on Saturday, Oct. 13. The film will not only be shown to fans at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida, but has also been transmitted to the International Space Station to be enjoyed by the astronauts on board.

In addition, astronaut Sunita Williams, who recently set a new spacewalking record, will introduce Forbidden Planet to those here on Earth at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex from the International Space Station. Free tickets for the TCM screening of Forbidden Planet can be obtained through the Road to Hollywood website at Additional locations and films for TCM's Road to Hollywood tour will be announced in the coming weeks.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mad Men Season 5 ReAirs

Beginning this Sunday AMC will start reairing Mad Men season 5. his Sunday is the 2 hour season premire at 7am et. Normally the show will air at 6am. I have to say it's an unfortunate time, but DVR it and enjoy.

I'm taking this as a good sign that there will be an announcement about the new season very soon. The Season 5 DVD will be released in a few weeks too so we'll have all the episode commentaries to feed the beast too. Fingers crossed we'll get season 6 in early 2013!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hotel Transylvania September 28th

Hotel Transylvania open September 28th. My daughter and I were invited to a screening this week.

My daughter really loved it. She thought it was hysterically funny and not scary at all. We saw it in a theatre full of children and except for just a second at the very beginning of the film, which has a scary shadow and then gets funny immediate, I didn't hear any child seem scared.

I really laughed throughout the film too. It is a very cute film, and enjoyable for the entire family.

My only criticism of the movie is that it really is another one all about the male characters. There is the daughter of dracula but as central as her part is, it is all the male characters in the movie that resolve her issues. The male characters interactions take up most of the film.

If that sort of thing doesn't bother you than I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beekman Boys on Cooking Channel

The Fabulous Beekman Boys are heading to The Cooking Channel...SQUEEE! The Cooking channel will be reairing season 2 of the Planet green Fabulous Beekman Boys. If this reairing of the previous season is well recieved they will order another season to be filmed so make sure you tune in and tell all your Beekman lovin' friends.

I've been a fan of Josh and Brent from before the show even aired, meeting them at the Discovery Networks press panels a couple of years ago. They really are incredibly warm guys and their show is both amusing and delicious. It's like looking through a home design/cooking/marriage counsiling magazine.

The Fabulous Beekman Boys Premieres on The Cooking Channel Thursday, September 20 at 10pm ET

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Family Game Night On The Hub

Family Game Night comes back to The Hub Sept. 23.  It can be hard to find shows on TV that the entire family can truly enjoy. I think Family Game Night fills that role beautifully. It really is fun to watch together, rooting for the family and laughing at all their ridiculous antics.

This season introduces some new games to our kids, that are old favorites from our childhood. The new format allows more families to participate as some portions of the shows games have 2 or 3 family member team games.

Still with all the changes, the show holds on to it's high energy and of course it money machine that spews money out to the contestants.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Warner Bros Studio Tours

Warner Bros Studio Tours  had several bloggers come on their deluxe studio tour last week and thanks to  Adrienne's House I was among them as her stand in. It was an amazing day.

We began the day riding the tour trams through the studios stages and back lot. The guide pointed out a million fascinating things, I got as many picture as I could. Here are just a few.

Here is the last remaining set from Casablanca. It's the french cafe. 

This theatre facade was being dressed for something but you may recognize it from The Way We Were, A StarIis Born (54) or more recently The Artist.

We made a stop in the prop department and got to see the rooms and rooms of pieces used in their films. Here are a few that I was excited to see.

This is one of many Maltese Falcons. But still VERY cool!

Our guide told us sometimes prop people will see pieces in films and they will recognize them. Today all props have bar codes but back in the day records were not kept so completely.

Here is a lamp from Auntie Mame, with Rosilind Russel.

The deluxe tour let us eat lunch in the Commissary, which has been redecorated but is original. The food was delicious too! We ended our tour in the Warner Bros. Museum. They house everything from my favorite classic films to current TV shows. Warners' rotate the displays, this time I saw 3 Elizabeth Taylor costumes from Giant, Life With Father, and Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf. I was amazed that they all seemed to be approximately the same size. Sadly no pictures are allowed in the museum so you'll just have to use you imagination till you get there yourself.


Here is a picture from inside the museum at Warner Bros. This is Bette Davis' dress from Dark Victory. If you look closely behind the mannequins you can see a little bit of the orange piano from Casablanca. This wasn't there the day I was there, but like I said they change things around from time to time, so you never know what cool thing you'll get to see!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mad Men Meets Rick Astley

Waiting waiting waiting for season 6 of Mad Men. Here's a funny video to pass the time. I loved the good byes.

If you need more Mad Men, I saw there is a Jon Hamm interview on BBC America's Graham Norton Show. You can find it On Demand.

Hopefully we will have an announcement soon about the return date for season 6. I believe the show is set to run through at least season 7, so this could be the second to last season. I can't even imagine what I'm going to do when there is no more.

Season 5 DVD will be released October 16th. Maybe they'll announce the season 6's start date then....

Monday, September 3, 2012

Me to 43

Here's a random sample of me from practically the beginning to just few weeks ago. I have no idea how I could be 43 today, but there it is???

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Premieres This Monday

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood premieres on PBS this Monday, Labor day. I like to think that I recommend the best television has to offer here at Elise's Ramblings and I believe you should get your kids started early watching quality shows.

Daniel is a spin off of Mr Rogers, and has all the same great educational and social emotional messages for your young children. You may even pick up a few parenting tips.

If your kid really likes the show you can also find a Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood app where kids play with Daniel Tiger as he goes about his everyday activities, learning life’s little lessons along the way in the games “Doctor Daniel,” “Daniel's Bedtime” and “In Daniel's Bathroom.”

The Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Play at home with Daniel  App is available for $1.99 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.    

And just like Mr. Rogers "I like you just the way you are"