Thursday, April 26, 2012

The London West Hollywood

Last week I was invited to lunch at The London Hotel in West Hollywood with several other bloggers. It is such a gorgeous hotel. I love how light it is. Too many hotels are so dark I can barely see. Look at this lobby.
I'm just waiting for Ginger Rogers in a feather dress to come twirling out to meet Fred Astaire. Everything has a feel of classic Hollywood while still being very modern. We were treated to their Gordon Ramsey create lunch menu at their beautiful roof top pool. Where they also have party facilities. Isn't this spectacular.
I truly love the space. I even tweeted TCM that they should have one of their Film Festival parties here next year. Did I mention the brushed suede walls? They are everywhere and too tempting not to doodle on. Not to worry they have a round the clock staff brushing them, so you're really supporting their job security by giving in to the temptation. Hope to see you all there soon!


Julia said...

Love that place. We take Kurt's mom there for tea from time to time. Delicious!

Elise Crane Derby said...

MMM...I love a good tea!