Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ford Escape 2013

In my family's continuing search for a new car, the generous people at Ford were nice enough to loan us a brand new Ford Escape! We took it over a weekend and really ran it all over town and even an impromptu trip to the snow. So impromptu we weren't dressed correctly. Brrrrr......

But back to the Escape. We were looking for a car that can fit the family, which sometimes includes my mother in law who has an electric wheel chair that breaks down for transport and needs to fit in the trunk. Other times it means our 2 dogs, one of whom is 125 pounds. The Escape can definitely handle all of that.

In our many adventures over the weekend we drove a fair bit of unpaved road and even my 8 year old daughter comment how smooth the ride was. The 4 wheel drive probably takes the credit there, but even on the paved road she noticed how much smoother it was. It really is a sweet ride.

Looking through the car info I found that you can program a key fob for each driver. I love that you can set things like, maximum speed, sound system volume, and nav screen interaction. My daughter is only 8 now but she'll be 16 before I know it. She can still have fun and feel the freedom of driving, and I'll be able to sleep nights.

I'm sad they no longer make the hybrid Escape.This new Escape has Eco boost which doesn't get as good mileage. It did still get about the same mileage as my PT cruiser which is pretty good for a car this much larger. This is really my only gripe with the car. Apart from that I loved it.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

RIP Patty Andrews, Andrew Sisters

Patty Andrews has passed away. She was the youngest and last surviving member of The Andrew Sister. If the name doesn't ring a bell, picture three girls in military uniforms circa WWII singing Boogie Woogie Bugle boy. Yeah that's them. I suppose I could embed a video of them doing that song, but instead here is my favorite Andrew Sisters song.

Yes I have a favorite Andrews Sister's song. I know you're not surprised!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

AMC's Mad Men Returns April 7th

Finally, word yesterday that Mad Men will return April 7th to AMC with a two hour special. Looking forward to finding out what all this Inferno business is about or what new circle of hell Don has made for himself. What do you think the odds are Roger Sterling will have gone full bore psychedelic. All these years we thought we'd get to see Don in crazy 60's wear, it'd be just like Weiner, to bait and switch us with Roger.

There were so many things left open at the end of last season. Peggy in here new position at a new firm. Pete getting his city apartment. Joan doing what it took to become a partner. Don getting Megan the part in the commercial and then going to the bar and possibly returning to his old cheating ways. Can't wait to see where they are all at.

Just a few more months and we can all relax into a smoke filled room and find out what all our Madison Avenue friends have been up to. Is it crazy I still hold out hope for Joan and Roger??? Don't answer that.

AMC just posted some picture from Season 6 looks like psychedelic Roger is out.

Go to AMC to see more picture from Mad Men season 6

Jane Fonda at TCM Film Festival

TCM just announced that they will be honoring Jane Fona at this years TCM film festival. She will have her cement prints done at Grauman's, that's right I'm still calling it Grauman's, what kind of history is there to TCL Chinese Theatre?? TCM will also be screening On Golden Pond with an introduction by Jane and hopefully some interviewing by Robert Osborne.

I don't think it really had anything to do with it, but I did suggest last year on my survey that they get Jane and or Peter. I'm sure a lot of other people thought so too. It is true that Jane Fonda doesn't seem to get the same level of attention as Sally Field and other actresses of her generation. I suppose that is probably because she has taken some long breaks, but I'm happy she'll be getting gushed over at the TCM Film Festival.

I do wish they would show some of her earlier films like Barefoot In The Park, Sundays In New York, and I'm sure there would be a sell out audience for Barbarella. Oh well, happy to be getting what we got. Now the long wait till April 25th.

There have been some murmuring about Barbra Striesand coming to the opening night screening of Funny Girl. If that actually happens this Film Festiva lwill be completely insane. Every year it gets bigger and bigger, which is a bit sad but great for TCM and great to reach more fans. We'll just have to wait and see.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Doctor Who Returns To BBC America

Doctor Who is returning to BBC America March 30th as part of their supernatural Saturdays. I  can't wait to find out how they are going to work out The Doctors new companion, Clara Oswin Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman) . So far we've seen her in two different timelines and it looks like she'll be in present day in this new season. The mind reels at trying to figure out what kind of time line continuum will make this all seem possible... I'll be right there to find out March 30th.

This will be Doctor Who's 50th season, so I'm expecting some exciting guest stars.

Also premiering March 30th as part of Supernatural Saturday is Orphan Black, an interesting new show about clones and identity theft. More on that soon. We'll also see the return of The Nerdist March 30th. So all in all Saturday night TV viewing is handled.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 Solving Mysteries

I am having the most fun on . There has always been a great deal of mystery around my paternal grandmothers mother, Mattie. Pictured above with me, don't we look alike?
Mattie had tried to run away with my grandmother and another man when my grandmother was just 3 years old. My grandmother's father came and got her and that was the last my grandmother saw of her mother for many years.

Through I was able to find Mattie, even though my grandmother had not only her first name wrong but her last too. It's been so fun unraveling the story of Mattie's life. She had a son, who I am still trying to find out about. It's possible I have aunts and uncle from him, I've never seen.

Mattie's isn't the only lost person in the family and I've been able to find them all and trace lines of my family back to prerevolutionary America. It's fascinating and I highly recommend it.

I had been using without a membership for many years and not getting very far. Recently I was given a membership as a gift and it was amazing how much more I was able to access and how easy it is to compile family data.

This is not a sponsored post, I just felt compelled to share that it makes a great gift and is insanely fun to use yourself. Could be a good Valentine present for family.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Things To Do In Cape Town South Africa

My family trip to South Africa is getting so close and I am getting so excited! Part of our trip will take us to Cape Town, where we will be staying at the gorgeous More Quarters Apartment Hotel. Our insanely fabulously organized travel agents DSA Vacations has planned out two amazing days for us and one free day. Below I'll list all the things we already are doing, please comment if you have any recommendations for our free day or restaurants or anything that we shouldn't miss.

Here's our itinerary:

Taking a cable car ride to the top of Table Mountain to get a birds eye view of this magnificent city.

Tour of the Cape Peninsula. Beginning at Hout Bay, once a fishing community, now one of the most popular residential areas, the harbor still has a charm of days gone by. The fish market "Mariners Wharf" is a must.

Half hour cruise to Seal Island

The famous Chapman’s Peak drive with a 200 meter drop on one side and a 200 meter rise on the other, as we make our way south, following the Atlantic Ocean until we reach Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope.

The Jackass penguin colony which has become well established at Boulders Beach near Simonstown.

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, home of some 3 500 species of Southern African fauna and flora.

 Groot Drakenstein Prison  where Nelson Mandela was released in 1990.

Franschhoek in little Swiss town in the mountains.

Cape Wine region: Nelsons Creek EstateStellenbosch, and Franschhoek

It's hard to imagine that there is anything DSA has missed, or that we will have any energy left, but I am open to any suggestions for our free day.

(full disclosure: this trip have been heavily discounted by More Hotels and DSA Vacations)

Monday, January 7, 2013

RIP Huell Howser

A heart felt Rest In Peace to Huell Howser. We've watched him almost daily in my house for as many years as I can remember. Several times we've gone to investigate some of his recommendations on our own. He was real California gold and will truly be missed.

Here's a little video of him singing his theme song "California Here I Come" He looks so angelic with the lighting. It's the perfect send off. I wish we could see his travelogue of this last trip. I bet he's saying "Wow" and "It's Amazing" a lot wherever he is.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

King of The Nerds TBS

TBS has a new reality show where the contestants compete to be King Of The Nerds. As a rule I am not a reality show person. I'll admit to watching the first seasons of Real World on MTV, survivor, and real housewives. Now I thought I was free of this sort of thing, but the nerd hook pulled me in.

This is your typical reality show where a group of strangers are brought together to live in one house and compete to be the sole survivor. In this case the contestant will all compete on the field of geekery for the ultimate title of King of the Nerds.

The show is emceed by Revenge of The Nerds co stars Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine. The show premieres on TBS January 17th. If you count yourself among the nerd populous, you should tune in.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Antiques Roadshow returns to PBS

So excited the 17th season of Antique Roadshow returns to PBS Monday, January 7th in Corpus Christi Texas. If you are a dumpster diving, yard saling addict like myself you love this show. Here's a little spoiler: There is going to be a $1,000,000 find in the first episode!!!

Also if you are interested in attending a roadshow the 18th season summer tour is going to be announced at noon on Monday, January 7th on their facebook page. I went once, years ago, and it really is an amazing day. In the past the tickets were given by lottery so get as many people as you can to apply and cross your fingers.

If you do get picked I recommend comfortable shoes.

UPDATE; You can now apply for tickets to the Season 18 Antiques Roadshow.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

Well here we are in 2013. Sorry for my week plus off. We had a bit of a rough start to the new year around here, with a cold slowly working it way through the entire family for the last two weeks. We're practically all healthy again now.

I'm seeing lots of talk of resolutions on all my social media platforms and I feel a little guilty about not hitting the gym with a vengeance or eliminating all sugar and gluten from my diet. It's just not on my radar this year. The entire last year, I tried to do a better job at saying no. Too often we all find ourselves doing things we really don't want to do just to make others happy. All the while making ourselves miserable. I haven't exactly mastered it, but progress has been made.

This year I'm thinking my resolution should be, be more yourself. By that I mean say what you want to say, wear what you want to wear, eat what you want to eat. Not that I'm the Count of Monte Cristo over here or anything. But I think like everyone I do a lot of editing in my behavior to please. So watch out you're going to be getting the real deal in 2013.

As always I will maintain my standing resolution to be more patient, with others and myself. Often this entails being patient with myself when I lose my patience. I know that ones complicated....

Alright now on to 2013. Beginning Friday I'll be at the cable portion of TCA where all the cable networks will be presenting their upcoming shows. Check my twitter stream and back here for more on that. Then off to South Africa in February. It's a good start to a new year and I look forward to the journey.

Happy New Year!