Saturday, February 28, 2009

Classic Eats

Looking forward to going out with LA Metblog tonight with Safety Graphics Fun and Mar Vista Mom among others. We're meeting for drinks at Tiki Ti and then heading out for dinner at Taix. I've been promised moules frites. My favorite. Reviews to follow.

Well, I had a great time last night. The Tiki Ti was a hoot, as they say. A tiny room but great mai tais and pina coladas. Met a bunch of cool people from Metblog LA. Then we headed to Taix, the restaurant say you pronounce that "tex" but my french experience say otherwise. But it's their restaurant so we'll let them have their way. Especially if they keep the moules frite coming. Yes yes they were delicious. I also had the onion soup and salade nicose. All Fab. So I highly recommend both places, as well as, the classic eats outings with metblog.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Frito Lay Event

So Tuesday night I've been invited to attend the premiere of Frito Lay's new ad campaign, In a Women's World. It's cute animated spots. Check it out here Brook Burke will be the celebrity MC, from dancing with the stars. I'm sure it will be really fun. This evening they took all the bloggers they'd invited to dinner. Many of the bloggers had been flown in from NYC, Texas, all over. I was very impressed with them. Not only were they very fun, but so successful at blogging. I hope I grow up to be just like them, even if I was older than them. I'll post after the event with more details. I figure any party with an unlimited supply of doritos, fritos, and cheetos, could only be a blast.

LA Moms Blog

I have a new post up at The LA Moms Blog today all about how insane LAUSD is making me in my hunt for the perfect Kindergarten.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

In Character?

Everyone is talking about Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman last night. Was he high, was he in character for some new part, has he lost his mind. I don't know. If he's in character it seems weird, I mean for the last month or so I've seen him around acting sort of out of it and saying that he's working on a hip hop career. It's not unusual for actors to decide to move into the music business (and vice verse) but hip hop, really??

Now if he's high, I think Letterman's behavior last night was reprehensible. Sure it's funny, if you think it's just an act, but if this is who Joaquin has become, he needs help, not to be the butt of some late night jokes. All those people that made money and careers from Gladiator and the Johnny Cash movie, should look into getting him help. I know you can't force someone to get help, but you can encourage it. If people start telling you you're too messed up to be on T.V., you might get the message.

If he's just gone round the bend, then someone needs to get him some better pharmaceuticals.

If it does turn out that he's just in character, I'm going to start using that excuse. Next time you see me face down in the gutter, don't worry, I'm just in character.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Looking for Lincoln

Looking for Lincoln is on PBS tonight. It's presented by Henry Louis Gates Jr. (love him). This is not just another biography on Lincoln, it gets to the truth of the man. He interviews Doris Kearne Goodwin (also love)who is a Lincoln expert. OK I'm a total dork, I have favorite historians.

Goodwin says that the real Lincoln was much bettered than the storied one. With 14,000 biographies you'd think we'd covered it, but he has been so mythologized that that truth has really been lost. Hope you take time to see this.
If you miss this, stay tuned, Steven Speilberg is working on getting a script for a film.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Octuplet Mom

The octuplet's mom is just another case of one person taking so much advantage of the system in their selfishness that they ruin it for everyone else. Someone with six kids should not be using fertility treatments to have more. All the people who really need fertility help will have more hoops to jump through after this. There will be more qualifying factors, psychological, marital, and financial of course. Many won't be able to meet them. To some extent, I'm sure this is a good thing, but how many people will lose their chance for any family because this women didn't know when to stop.

I hope she understands what she's done, to those people, in her greed, and self absorption. I don't even want to get started on what she's done to her children. I doubt anyone this self involved could be a very good parent.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Message from the Pres

He keeps emailing me with this stuff, so I figure I should pass it on, on the off chance someone missed it. Though I think he's pretty thorough . This is about the stimulus plan, and getting everyone back to work. It's pretty vague, but it does make you feel like somethings happening, or at least it did me.