Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mad Men Season 5 Epi 4 Mystery Date

The title of this episode kind of applies to all the story lines. Everyone is having mystery dates.

Don & Andrea: While Don's "interlude" with Andrea is a dream, it is quite revealing. At the very least his subconscious is very serious about not cheating on Megan (Too Much). He seems to know that the only way he can resist extra marrital sex is to strangle it and then hide it under the bed.
It's not a very good sign for Megan. Since I don't see Don actually killing any of his real life ladies.

Joan & Doug: These two have been doomed for a long time. While Joan has known who Doug was from the beginning, she finally made the decision that he is never going to be a good husband for her or father for Roger's baby. Hopefully this opens the door for Roger to get rid of the new Mrs. for a newer Mrs. Joan Sterling.

Don & Micheal: Don is trying to figure out who Micheal is and how to work with him. Michael has such a different perspective. When Don gives him his scathing "Don't ever do that again" talk, Michael comes back with "he's such a decent guy".
Between this and his reaction to the graphic picture from the Nursing school murders, I think he's seen some extremely rough times. He is jewish and his father has a strong east european accent. I'm guessing concentration camp survivor, or they lost all their family in them.

Roger & Peggy: Roger tries to intimidate Peggy into covering his mistake with Mohawk. He has no idea how to talk to her. Love that Peggy shakes Roger down for all his cash and then threatening to take his watch if he doesn't stop being so demanding and rude.

Sally and Grandma Harris: Sally is going to think Betty is a saint after her time with Grandma Harris. She is brutal. Love the story of her father kicking her accross the room and saying "That's for nothing, so look out" And grandma Harris calls it valueable advice.
Not to mention giving Sally her first seconal and probably making her terrified of all men for the rest of her life. Good job grandma.

Peggy & Dawn: This was just an interesting snap shot of both of their lives. Dawn is happy as a secretary but is it possible Peggy isn't as a copy writer? That's the first I've heard her say anything like that.Peggy as Esther Blodgett from A Star is Born, that's not how I thought she would has discribed her ascent.
It was nice how drunk Peggy tries to let Dawn know she understands, a little, how it is to be one of a kind at the office.

The Nurses & the Murderer: This part is so awful. Coincidently I saw some news program with Richard Speck years ago. He was in prison, taking hormones to grow breasts, doing drugs, and having sex with fellow inmates. It looked like just about what he deserved. Living hell.

This and That:

Both Don and Grandma Harris make cracks about the awful house and how scary it is.


Anonymous said...

what did Dawn's note to Peggy say? and I missed the deal with the green purse

Elise Crane Derby said...

The note just said thanks for having me and sorry to be an inconvience.
The purse thing was Peggy thinking should I take my purse with me or should I trust her.
But Dawn saw her look at the purse and knew what she was thinking and that no matter how much Peggy said she understood what it was to be her, she didn't.