Friday, September 17, 2010

Glee Season 2

Glee season 2 starts this Tuesday. I just watched Glee: The Complete First Season(affiliate link) and I have to say LOVED IT! Love the music, love the dancing, love love love the diversity. I thought it was just some teen show when I heard about it last year, but Fox sent me the first season and I am a complete convert. Course, you all know I love my musicals, so this can't be much of a surprise.
The only criticism I have, is that every female character is crazy. I hate to be the angry feminist women, but if the burnt bra fits...with women lying about pregnancies, being clean freaks, overly competitive to the point of criminal, it's hard to miss. Especially when the two male leads are squeaky clean and ridiculously understanding.
But apart from that the show is flawless.

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Donna said...

I prefer to think of all the characters as exaggerations. Finn is sweet and dumb, Puck is just a crazy-ass bully. Mr. Shue is sort of sane, but even he has his moments (like when he woos Sue). Figgins? How crazy is he?

Rachel may be single-mindedly in pursuit of stardom, but that's probably not far from the mark. Quinn can't help her upbringing. I think she's probably close to normal (for a teen), as is Tina.