Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mad Men Episode 8 Season 4

Mad Men Episode 8 The Summer Man, boy am I happy to see you. It's June 1965 and Don is taking control of his life. The show opens with him literally getting back in the swim of things at the New York Athletic Club. Then we go directly to Don talking about smelling corn, a symbol of plenty. I can only hope that the long dark haul that was the first half of this season is over!!!
I think Don's "60's radicalization" has begun. Don't get me wrong I don't think he'll be showing up in a paisley shirt any time. He has however begun to look inward. Writing a diary is a sure sign of that. I think he's finally stopped believing who others tell him he is(ie. a whore child), and stopped trying to be who he thinks he should be(a philandering schmuck). Don/Dick is going to try just being himself. He doesn't have to bang every girl anymore and if he wants to go to his son's birthday party he can go.
Betty is regretting (just a little) marrying the perfect Henry Francis. I think she's gotten tired of the big strong man telling her what to do all the time. Don's imperfections are looking less like failings, now that she sees she has some of her own.
Henry is definitely dealing with the fact that Betty is not Grace Kelly. I'm guessing they won't be paying Don rent much longer. He's feeling the squeeze and getting Don's boxes out of the garage is only going to go so far.
At the office feminist issues continue. A woman's only choices are meaningless secretary or humorless bitch or of course sit there and take it. After Joey's umpteenth disrespectful exchange with Joan, Joan loses it and basically tells him, Rizzo(whose stolen Mrs. Blankenships cataract surgery googles), and some third banana she'll be happy when they are all drafted and die in Viet Nam. Then Peggy fires him, love it, especially her "Don doesn't know who you are".
In office decor news, love Harry's office with the autographed Jed Clampett picture from The Beverly Hill Billies. The americanisation of Lane Pryce continues with his office decor of a Mets Pennant, Chrysler building, and the statue of liberty. He may be forcing it a bit.
We finally got our date with Don and Dr. Fay. I loved Don listening in to her break up call. She said exactly who she was, a women who gives a man a key to her home, but tells him to pick up after himself, and possibly above all she DOES NOT COOK! I thought Don was going to melt when she said her father was affiliated with the mob.

Things are looking up all over and we got to see Francine.


Anonymous said...

excellent synopsis!

Elise Crane Derby said...

I left out my thought on the elephant, which is that Don gave it to Gene for rememberance. I've seen more theories about the elephant since Sunday: That it was the elephant in the room, an olive branch to republican Henry, Don's desire to go to Africa.
Also I have new theories about Joan. I think she may have been a nurse. that whole food near the bed thing is still bothering me. Also the tying off the guys leg. Hmm...