Monday, September 27, 2010

Mad Men Episode 10 Season 4

Mad Men episode 10, Hands and Knees was all about the men. Last week we saw the pressures of being a woman in 1965. Choosing between family and work, taking care of just about every soul that crosses your path, and doing it all in heals and a girdle.
This week we see the strain on the men, which for Don and Lane brings them to their hands and knees. Poor Lane is still his father's whipping boy. He's been having such a good time with his freedom in New York, but one good smack over the head with daddy's cane and he's headed back to London to get his family back together.
Roger's desperation to get new clients, after Lucky Strike gave him notice. The upside on this news is that we might get Sal back, if Lee is no longer a client. I don't know what to say about Joan's pregnancy. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure she went through with the abortion. Roger was pretty clear he wanted no part of the baby, but may be open to a relationship with Joan.
Of course Don, Is still running from who he really is. I didn't think we'd revisit his identity issues now that it had been settled with Betty. I think Faye will keep after him to resolve it, which may be what sends her out of his life, or what binds them together. Though the way he was ogling his secretary at the end of the episode makes me think Faye's days could be numbered.
Finally, Pete is all kinds of over his partners. If it weren't for Trudy and his baby he would be out of there. But as it is he knows he needs Don to keep the agency afloat and is willing to do whatever necessary to stop him from running away, even if it means eating a huge piece of undeserved humble pie. I can't wait to see how Pete unloads on Roger when he finds out Lucky Strike is gone.

In other news, great to see Betty sticking up for Don, or maybe just for herself. Whatever the reason she saved Don's Bacon. Loved how she told Henry about the agent coming, because she didn't want any secrets, but omitted the part where she lied to them. Opps.

Loved the orchestration of The Beatles song at the end. I don't know all the lyrics but the chorus is "listen ohh ahh ohh Do you want to know a secret, ooh aah ooh, do you promise not to tell, ahh ahhahh" You could see where they thought it was a good match.

Here's the entire song.

I checked the scene from next week and looks like we'll be getting more Abe. Yeah!

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