Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Doctor Who Season 8 Picture Previews and Trailer @BBCAmerica #DoctorWho

Doctor Who and Clara 
Just a few more day till the premiere of the new Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi) and Season 8 of Doctor Who on Saturday August 23!!! BBC America has released a few preview pictures of the first episode TAKE A DEEP BREATH, from which we are free to try and guess what is going on. First off the above picture looks like the Doctor and Clara are going to go out for a meal...

Doctor Who on the shore
Followed by a walk on a somewhat spooky beach. Based on Clara's clothes I'm going to guess this episode takes place, at least in some part, somewhere around 1900 and could this beach be Cardiff?

Clara at the TARDIS controls
 Clara looks like she is having a go at flying the TARDIS. The new generation of the Doctor did ask her in his first few minutes if she knew how to fly it. Guess we're about to find out if she can wing it after watching for a couple years. It also looks like the TARDIS has been done over.

Tea Time with Strax
 Happy to see good old Strax (the potato one) will be appearing. Hopefully, he'll see some action beyond pouring tea.

Madame Vastra on the job
And where there is Strax you almost always find Madame Vastra. Looks like she is knee deep in solving some mystery. We'll just have to wait till Saturday to find out what it is. I can tell you, there will be dinosaurs!

Here's the trailer


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