Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Joan on Mad Men

I know it's been a few days since Mad Men was on Sunday night but I'm always doing two or three things while I'm watching it so then I rewatch it while I do two or three other things. I just rewatched (while folding laundry and returning emails)it last night and I'm worried about Joan.
Did anyone else notice her coughing? It was right before they lawn mowed off that poor guy, Guys, foot. Joan was talking to Peggy and she started coughing, that kind of Camille cough. You know the one. I bet that no good surgoen/rapist husband will ditch her in a hot second if she gets sick.
Also, I think we're about to see big changes in Lane, after that eulogy line,"I feel like I just went to my own funeral,and I didn't like the eulogy." No more doormat behavior for him. I think his wife better watch out.
Anyway, That's what I'm doing today, worrying about a fictional characters. Hope you're being more productive.


Anonymous said...

I didn't notice the cough! I doubt Greg would, either. I loved Joan springing into action once Guy got his foot mangled by the riding lawn mower. I am not at all surprised that it was Lois at the wheel.

I have to say that as much as I should loathe the Brits, I love Lane Price and John Hooker very much. To me, they seem to walk that line between frigidity and coolness that's very different from Don Draper.

Anonymous said...

I was actually thinking that when Joan got the skirt of her dress splashed with blood it was very Jackie's gruesome look immediately post-JFK's assassination. I know, "EW", but I wouldn't put that reference past the Mad Men writers.

Karen said...

I think Joan rocks. I hope she's not ill. They have really developed her character over the past season plus. She came across as a manipulative sexual siren, but in actuality is extremely competent, bright, observant, cool as a cucumber under pressure and talented in many ways....perhaps she should've been the doctor. She has been perhaps both hampered and helped by her physique...on the one hand she has been able to use it to her advantage in a world where women's brains and talents are not yet fully valued...on the other hand, it's made it hard for people to get past the way she looks....if she'd not been able to rely so much on her looks, then perhaps she'd ultimately have found a better, less traditional and ultimately happier place for herself in the world...

Elise Crane Derby said...

The coughing happens when Peggy is trying to thank Joan for helping her.It is cut away from to show the boys get sprayed with blood.

I think we should be seeing the Kennedy assassination any time now. Coopers daughter's wedding is planned for the day after.

I love Joan. She is nothing if not capable, except perhaps practical. She is the female Don Draper, really. I'd love to get a look at where she came from. Maybe if she gets sick and the rapist leaves her we'll get to see her with her family???

L.A. Story said...

Love, love, love Joan! She runs that office.

Audra Crane said...

Joan was great in crisis- notice they had to get Don out of that scene? It wouldn't have fit if his character hadn't been the cool cucumber getting what needed to be done, done.
I really liked Karen's comments about Joan's character- interesting in terms of her conversation with Peggy who lacks some aspects mentioned, but is indeed finding a more upwardly mobile, non-traditional place for herself. Great episode.
Didn't notice the cough; I thought they'd 'save' her job at the last minute, but maybe that's on a later arc?