Thursday, August 14, 2014

Downton Abbey Season 5 Sneak Peek #DowntonPBS @MasterpiecePBS

Downton Abbey is returning to PBS Masterpiece this January 2015. It's a long wait but here are a few glimpses into what is awaiting us. Of course there are no spoilers but we do see a new character and our babies are growing up! I can tell you that we will not be seeing Shirley Maclaine or Paul Giamatti this year, but that is as spoilery as I get.

Downton Abbey Branson and Sybie
Here is little Sybie with her father Branson, who hopeful will not be hooking up with that teacher from town. Is it me or does she seem like a bad egg?

Downton Abbey George and his nanny
Here's Matthew and Mary's son George. Hopefully him being pictured with his nanny isn't a clue that Mary is struggling with motherhood and her grief over Mathew's death. Or maybe she's just too busy juggling all her suitors. He sure is a cutie, it would be hard for anyone not to fawn all over him.

Downton Abbey Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes

It would be great if Mr Carson and Mrs. Hughes continued their torrid hand holding from last seasons beach trip! They really are the perfect couple.

Downton Abbey Cora and Simon Bricker
I'm very excited to see Richard E Grant will be joining the Downton cast. All I know is his character's name is Simon Bricker??? We'll just have to wait and see could he be a fling for Cora... Find out next time on Downton Abbey.

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