Friday, January 4, 2013

Antiques Roadshow returns to PBS

So excited the 17th season of Antique Roadshow returns to PBS Monday, January 7th in Corpus Christi Texas. If you are a dumpster diving, yard saling addict like myself you love this show. Here's a little spoiler: There is going to be a $1,000,000 find in the first episode!!!

Also if you are interested in attending a roadshow the 18th season summer tour is going to be announced at noon on Monday, January 7th on their facebook page. I went once, years ago, and it really is an amazing day. In the past the tickets were given by lottery so get as many people as you can to apply and cross your fingers.

If you do get picked I recommend comfortable shoes.

UPDATE; You can now apply for tickets to the Season 18 Antiques Roadshow.


Anonymous said...


Based on your profile location you are going to REALLY want to pay attention to the summer tour announcement on Monday at 12:00pm EST :)

Thanks for your promotional post and support of Antiques Roadshow.


Jake Messier
Sr. Publicist, Antiques Roadshow

Elise Crane Derby said...

Oh that is very good news, indeed. I've been waiting for it to be close enough for me to go again.

Thanks for the tip, Jake!