Thursday, January 24, 2013

AMC's Mad Men Returns April 7th

Finally, word yesterday that Mad Men will return April 7th to AMC with a two hour special. Looking forward to finding out what all this Inferno business is about or what new circle of hell Don has made for himself. What do you think the odds are Roger Sterling will have gone full bore psychedelic. All these years we thought we'd get to see Don in crazy 60's wear, it'd be just like Weiner, to bait and switch us with Roger.

There were so many things left open at the end of last season. Peggy in here new position at a new firm. Pete getting his city apartment. Joan doing what it took to become a partner. Don getting Megan the part in the commercial and then going to the bar and possibly returning to his old cheating ways. Can't wait to see where they are all at.

Just a few more months and we can all relax into a smoke filled room and find out what all our Madison Avenue friends have been up to. Is it crazy I still hold out hope for Joan and Roger??? Don't answer that.

AMC just posted some picture from Season 6 looks like psychedelic Roger is out.

Go to AMC to see more picture from Mad Men season 6

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