Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

Well here we are in 2013. Sorry for my week plus off. We had a bit of a rough start to the new year around here, with a cold slowly working it way through the entire family for the last two weeks. We're practically all healthy again now.

I'm seeing lots of talk of resolutions on all my social media platforms and I feel a little guilty about not hitting the gym with a vengeance or eliminating all sugar and gluten from my diet. It's just not on my radar this year. The entire last year, I tried to do a better job at saying no. Too often we all find ourselves doing things we really don't want to do just to make others happy. All the while making ourselves miserable. I haven't exactly mastered it, but progress has been made.

This year I'm thinking my resolution should be, be more yourself. By that I mean say what you want to say, wear what you want to wear, eat what you want to eat. Not that I'm the Count of Monte Cristo over here or anything. But I think like everyone I do a lot of editing in my behavior to please. So watch out you're going to be getting the real deal in 2013.

As always I will maintain my standing resolution to be more patient, with others and myself. Often this entails being patient with myself when I lose my patience. I know that ones complicated....

Alright now on to 2013. Beginning Friday I'll be at the cable portion of TCA where all the cable networks will be presenting their upcoming shows. Check my twitter stream and back here for more on that. Then off to South Africa in February. It's a good start to a new year and I look forward to the journey.

Happy New Year!

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