Thursday, June 19, 2014

EARTH TO ECHO Opens July 2 #EarthToEcho

EARTH TO ECHO opens July 2. This is the first film that I feel really speaks to this generation of digital natives. The kids in the film were interacting in the same way I see my daughter with her friends. They are on computers video chatting while playing a game and looking things up. They all have cell phone and can learn (or at least think they can) anything they need to know by googling it. It's a big thing for kids to see themselves reflect in film and I think EARTH TO ECHO does a great job of that.

Still as modern as this film is it also brought me back to the movies of my youth in the 1970s. The kids are not as sugar coated as they can be in films today. There are rough edges and one of them actually uses a curse word. It's only "balls", but I appreciated the effort. If you go back and watch the 80s film GOONIES you will notice the kids are cursing up a storm. I'm not advocating for that, but I think a little salty language is called for when anyone is in a life threatening situation.

In the theatre, the night we saw the screening, I noticed the younger kids were getting a bit squirmy. I would say this film is probably best suited to kids 8 and up.

The following day my daughter was given the opportunity to interview the cast with a few other blogger kids. You can see it here.

Here's the film trailer!

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Loved it!!! Good questions.