Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Doing a Cleanse

After a lovely week on vacation, full of lots of not so healthy food and several margaritas (I know in the picture I'm drinking a bloody mary. But you get the idea), I've started a cleanse. I use to do them all the time before I had my daughter, but it's been many years and I think the pipes could use a good cleaning out. I'm on day 4 and feeling pretty good.
I've cut out all sugar, dairy, gluten, alcohol, and caffeine. It's going to take me a while a remember how I use to eat this way. I need to get over to Whole Foods for some Stevia (natural sugar substitute) and some starch substitutes (rice pasta or something)But so far so good and I've lost 3.5 pound since I started, so that's a nice bonus. I might even do a few day fast in a week or so, once I get the bod use to the cleaner food. I don't want to shock it to badly. I'm sure it's already wondering what's happened to it's evening sweets, and endless supply of cheese.
I'll keep you surmised of my progress as the weeks go by. Wish me luck.

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