Friday, June 21, 2013

Ray Donovan Premieres on Showtime June 30th

Last Summer I told you about Ray Donovan coming to Showtime this summer and here it is,Sunday, June 30 at 10pm. Liev Shreiber stars as a kind of fixer for big Hollywood types, if not himself. JonVoight is Donovan senior, recently released from prison. There is no love lost between father and son. Ray also has a family of his own that is coming apart at the seams.

The show has the feeling of a 70s film along the lines of POINT BLANK or BULLIT both thematically and cinematically. Ray Donovan is a hardened detective type but with a soft spot for the damaged people he come across in his "work". There's even a boxing gym owned by his brothers.

The show is pretty rough, with plenty of altercations between family members and seedy characters. There's also a fair bit of nudity and sexual activity, not to mention Voight dancing around in a towel.

I've seen the first two episodes and I think it's a safe bet we'll have RAY DONOVAN to kick around for some time.

RAY DONOVAN on Showtime
Sunday June 30th 10pm

You can also catch the first episode free on youtube

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