Monday, June 17, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 12 The Quality Of Mercy

Tonight's episode debuted the new SC&P logo (pictured above). I love it, definitely looks like the time period. Is it safe to say the 60s and 70s was all about the ampersand? Now that we know Don's name and the company's name all that was left is to find out about the mysterious Bob Benson. Turns out our eager young man is not who he pretends to be. He never went to Wharton, and though he did work at Brown Bros. and  Haraman. it was as some kind of valet. Bob is stunned that when Pete confronts him with all this information and follows with "I've learned not to tangle with your kind of animal". Bob's only orders are to leave Pete out of it and get Manolo away from his mother.

Don betrays his pact to stop sabotaging Ted when he (and everyone in the office) sees that Ted is completely gaga over Peggy. First, I thought Don was just jealous that Ted is with Peggy. Harry calls from the coast with a big account from Sunkist and Don says absolutely not but after finding out about Peggy and Ted he calls Harry back and presents it to the partners. When that doesn't dampen the affair Don dampens the aspirin account Ted and Peggy are running. After which Ted confronts Don and Don straight out tells him he isn't thinking with his head, repeatedly. Ted can't argue that. The whole thing ends with Peggy calling Don a monster and Don in the fetal position on his couch. There isn't a woman in Don's life at this moment who doesn't hate him, at least a little.

Sally of course is at the top of the Don hater list. She's off to boarding school to get away from him and her mother too, probably. I can only imagine what it will be like when she is enrolled. On her trial one night her room mate hosts insist she provide them with cigarettes and alcohol. Ever resourceful Sally calls Glen and he turns up with a buddy, weed, and booze. It gets interesting though, when Glen goes off to a room with another girl, leaving Sally alone with his friend. The friend gets a little handsy with Sally and she gets Glen saying his friend was trying to force her. Glen reminds the guy that Sally is like his little sister and when he doesn't apologize starts beating him up. This is the interesting part, Sally is kind of smiling like she likes the fighting. It reminded me of when Betty set up her friend with the guy at the stables. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Or maybe has decided she does like Glen like that....

This and That

Roger's line about Lee Garner Jr making him hold his balls. I want the rest of that story...was Sal there?

Chevy actually shot Ken in the face, and Pete can't wait to take over for him.

The Rosemary's Baby aspirin ad 

Ted saying Peggy has "juice" experience.

Betty giving Sally a cigarette. It really was another time.

Don telling Betty both she and Jackie O. married well twice.

"You finally found a hooker who takes traveler checks" Don to Harry

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