Monday, May 6, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 6 For Immediate Release

Loved last night episode, not the least reason being we finally got some Joan time. I think the opening scene was the first time we've seen her with her hair down. It was a Saturday, but I'm hoping she brings it to the office soon. Also I thought it was great that Don finally got told to be a team player by someone who could get through to him. When Joan tells you, you are a spoiled child, you hear it. And Don did by the end of the show. Of course Joan is totally right , she had to sleep with that "pig" from Jaguar and Don can't even deal with talking with him. The million her shares would be worth if they go public would definitely go a long way to making her feel better about that.

Roger has got his mojo back, he's seriously hunting down clients with his stewardess spy in the first class lounge, Daisy. Even passing up a night with Megan's mom, Marie, to land a client. I love that we see him shining his own shoes with the deceased shine guys box. It's like he's all grown up now and taking care of himself.

Looks like Pete and Trudy are officially done. I thought he almost had her back after the Mother's Day scene, in bed. Once he spilled the beans on the whole whore house thing with her father though, a divorce is now inevitable. Pete is a bit on the wane. They've now lost Jag and Vicks, both his clients, while Roger has brought in Dow and Chevy. Better get your eye back on the ball Petey.

Chaugh and Don in the bar deciding to merge solved a lot of problems for everyone (except maybe Peggy). Chaugh's partner is dying, probably quickly with pancreatic cancer, this merge may have just pulled his agency out of the frying pan.  Don in the middle of pitching actually says "we" which Joan had pointed out he never does. Don actually stops and says "that's interesting" after. Also gotta love when Don says "I have a better idea" and Chaugh thinks he means a pitch for Chevy and says" No you Don't...This is why everyone hates you" Whoa, everyone hates him and Don doesn't skip a beat and continues to sell him.

Finally, poor Peggy is not happy in her new apartment with Abe. It's a little to funky, with junkies defecating on the stairs. Last week when Abe mentioned their kids she was ready to follow him to the ends of the earth, but this week after drunk Chaugh kisses her, she seems a bit less enamored. Maybe it's just the bleak apartment that has awakened her. Either way I'll be sad if they write off Abe, he's the only decent boyfriend she's had, and plus I just like him. Also she is now headed back to the gang at SCDP, who she worked so hard to break from. She's going to have to work even harder to maintain the respect she's earned at the other firm.

This and that:
On a personal note

Pete and Trudy's bed side lamps- my grandparents had the exact same one in their living room. they are now painted black in my aunts house. Loved seeing them.

The guy who played the banker at the beginning- I babysat his kids about 20 years ago.


I love Harry Hamlin, Jim Cutler, in this. He's so smooth and the glasses are perfect "Unless this works, I'm against it"

Bob wandering the halsl with his 2 cups of coffee, seeing what doors it will get him in.

Ken's understanding of mutual assured destruction based on seeing someone in a porn movie and how that make him feel safe about the bomb.

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Anonymous said...

Love joan in this epesode also,hope don listens to her

Elise Crane Derby said...

I still hold out hope for Don and Joan to end up together by the end of this show.