Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Victor Mature and Chris Noth

I was watching Red Hot In Blue the other day, which stars Victor Mature and I was struck by how much he looks like Chris Noth, who I watch every week on The Good Wife.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

there's definitely a resemblance, but Noth has the ineffable Irish look going.

Rea said...

Wow, I guess! It's uncanny but a lot of it is the eyebrows I suppose. Mature never did that much for me but he was even before MY time. I think Noth is hot. Funny since they look so much alike. Mom

Anonymous said...

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to be honest, it was a bit of a grind!
He squeaked and he squawked, at each little tweak,
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The process itself, was not very easy,
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I think for stardom, he is secretly aiming!

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A stray spark from a cig, could prove fatal, even death,
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He teeters and tweeters on the edge of adventure!

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he is tweeting out, amazing Scot's "patter"!
The words flow out, graceful and ryhming,
Its amazing his wee brain, can deal with the timing!

"Wee Chris MacNoth", is an amazing wee creature,
Im sure there's a film, for him to be featured!
I don't have an agent lined up for him yet,
As I was saying "its a game of roulette"!


Anonymous said...

I have thought this for years. Wow! However, I think Chris Noth is much cuter!

Anonymous said...

Always thought this too. Love both of them.

Anonymous said...

Just saw Victor Mature in the 1946 classic "My Darling Clementine." First time I saw him, I thought: WOW, he looks like Chris Noth. Then I did a search to see whether it was just me. Glad to see it's not. They definitely look alike.

Anonymous said...

There is a resemblance....and I'm a long time fan of Victor,since it was said the we also looked alike when I was 19 years old!

Anonymous said...

i always thought this so, first noticed in Sex in the City.

maree said...

thought so since Sex in the City.

Stephanie said...

I'm watching Victor Mature in Kiss Of Death and was immediately struck by how much he resembles Chris Noth, glad to see I'm not alone. Both very handsome.

Anonymous said...

It's very odd how much they look like each other maybe not related officially but maybe in his younger days Victor had a Fling with a relative of Chris so the handsome dark good looking genes got passed on.