Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mad Men Season 5 Epi 1 Wrap Up

Oh My! We finally have our Mad Men back.

So let's see what we got.

First Joan: We get to see her new baby boy, Kevin and her somewhat challenging mother who starts right out with a reference to breathing fumes. Telling Joan she doesn't want Kevin out in it but then telling Joan to close the door when she takes the baby out. I am dying to find out what this is all about????
Beyond this we hear that Joan's husband is still alive and that she really misses work. Like all new mothers she feels isolated and the lack of fuss the office seems to have made hasn't helped.
Roger says all the perfect things when she visits the office. That no one notices the baby with her holding it, etc... Love that he sent a bicycle???
There's also a line at Don's birthday where Roger thanks Don for not inviting Joan or he'd have to wear earplugs all the way home. Guess Jane has twigged to Rogers feelings and doesn't like it.

Don and Megan: Things looked pretty good to start, Megan seems to know about Dick but like their apartment that is still being put together so is their relationship and it looks like the white carpet shows everything and they'll have to change it. Megan has learn her first Mrs Don Draper lesson. Don will let you make it look however you want to the outside world but know it is all an illusion.
They do seem to have a bit of the S&M to their sex life, Don does like that. It's a little pervy the way she keeps calling him an old man. The Zoobi Zoobi Zoo (or maybe it's bisoux??) song was funny by the way the chorus translation is Zoobi Zoobi Zoo means I want you, there was something about birds in there too. I was a bit to distracted by the floor show to pay close enough attention to the lyrics. It did remind me of when Joan sang and played the song for her husbands colleques.

Peggy and Abe: I love these two together. Abe will really allow Peggy to grow and be the independant person she wants to be. My heart went out to Peggy when they handed her Joan's baby. The adoption of her child with Pete has really left a scar on her heart when it comes to children. I'm wondering if we will see a heart to heart with Abe about this???

Pete and Roger: These two seem like they are going to come to blows at any moment. Roger is being pretty awful trying to poach Pete's clients.Pete seems like he has found himself living in the suburbs and the American dream. He still is fighting for that respect but he seems like he's coming at it in a better way. We'll see if he manages a whole season without raping anyone.

Betty: So even though we didn't actually get to see Betty and Henry we do see the reflection of their house in the car window when Don drops the kids off. It looks like the mansion Betty mentioned last season. Three stories and stone from what I could make out. (Correction: they actually showed the house and Don says give Morticia and Lurch my love. Because the house looks like the Adams Family house.) Based on scenes from next week we'll find out more soon.

This and That:

"I've got tickets to the Bean ballet and the curtain is going up."

Don has 6 phone number for Duck (AKA Herman Phillips) Is he still keeping an eye on him in case he pulls it together?

"It a steinway walking stick" "you could stick it up your ass and have concert"

Roger has switched from Lucky Strikes to Camels. I wonder why????

Zoo Bee Zoo Be Zoo Lyrics (as best I can Make out)

Zoo be---
My God it's hard
Zoo Be ------
The ---Kiss
In The-----
The Lovers----
Like the birds the rendez vous
Zoo bee-----
My God it's hard
Tell me do you understand
What's going on between us
What does Zoobe Zoo mean
It means I want you
But of course I love only you
Zoo be

This is as close as I can get to translating this. I listened several times but there are serious limits to my french vocabulary. If you can make out missing part please fill in in comments.


Julia said...

I love that Pete was missing living in the city with his comment about how yes, you COULD still hear the traffic above the music!

Elise Crane Derby said...

Poor Pete. Choking on the smoke in the train too. He's not happy. But at least he got the big office with a window. Hopefully that little swith a roo will teach Harry some manners he's really turning into a pig.

Citizen Screen said...

Fun read, Elize! Your Zoobi Zoobi Zoo stuff killed me. I gathered it was a similar spelling but saw on Twitter that it's actually Zou Bisou Bisou. or, I'm assuming those people know better. I like our version!

One of my favorite, although brief, exchanges from last night's episode was between Roger and his not-so-loving wife. As soon as Megan finished the Zoobie song, Roger asks "Why can't you sing like her?" she replies, "why don't you look like him?"

Enjoyed the show - set-up for quite a turbulant season, I think.



Elise Crane Derby said...

It will definitely be turbulent. Don and Megan seem like they're going to have a lot of highs and lows.

Julia said...

I wonder if Pete will succumb to the Don Draper life of earlier seasons...he loves Trudy, but she better start dressing better soon! I love Pete! And oh man that Harry is a total douche!!

Candace said...

I thought it was interesting how similar Pete and Trudy’s home is to the old Draper residence…I think you’re on to something