Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mad Men Wrap Up

Well, only three more episodes. I'm already sad. How will I make it through another Mad Men hiatus. I have no idea.
Anyway, last night was a big show, Betty found out at least some of Don's secret. I'm guessing she'll be taking the kids and moving into her fathers house, at least for a while. I think Betty is pretty tired of being Don's Glamorous Betty Draper. This could open up quite the opportunity for our Miss Ferral (that wild cat).
For Sterling Cooper things are up in the air with the English putting them up to the highest bidder. My prediction is that they will buy themselves back, possibly including Don and Lane as partners. I don't think Mrs. Lane is going to be too happy about that (though if she knew she was almost shipped off to India, she might enjoy New York more). But hopefully it will mean Joan and Sal will return.
Or maybe Duck will come back and Swoop them up for Grey. Now that Don has a contracted they'd have to work together, that'll be fun to watch. Not to mention the whole Peggy triangle that will create.
My favorite part of last nights show was Paul and Peggy. Particularly at the end when they are pitching to Don, and Peggy saves the day again, and Paul finally realizes Peggy is better than him. He's stunned by the realization.
I wonder what Paul was planning to do with Peggy when he came out yelling for her earlier?? When he finds Achilles instead and find his great idea, and then loses it. The idea probably wasn't that great anyway.
I'm guessing our last episode will be the Kennedy assasination and Sterlings daughter's wedding and maybe Betty leaving Don. That would make for the perfect end of innocence. Then next season they can come back in 1964 and we can meet The Beatles.


Sevenbeads said...

It was a small event but so Mad Men-like. Betty got in bed and the laundry basket fell off the bed. She didn't move it first and didn't get out of bed to pick it up. Love that bit of reality.

elise said...

I liked that too. Nice comment on how Betty's neat little folded up life is being turned upside down.

Audra Crane said...

Nice analysis Elise. Love the end of innocence/Meet the Beatles. The Beatles really signal the beginning of the end of their way of suited life.