Monday, September 28, 2009

Last nights Mad Men Wrap Up

I'm still worried about Joan, she wasn't even in last night episode so we got no news on that front. Still there was enough going on without her. I had been thinking what a nice young man our Don Draper was becoming, but it looks like we're heading back to the days of going out for drinks instead of picking up a birthday cake for his kid. And what was the story with that hallucination with his father?? Is Don saying that he thought his life was going to be a party but it turns out he's just going to get screwed by a hill billy???
Then there was Betty's new couch...And what was up with her comment about the decorating and the baby not suppose to have happened at the same time. Could it be that she was faking the due date and our little Gene is really that guy in the bars baby instead of Don's from that time on the floor at her parents??
And finally Peggy and Duck, I didn't think Duck had it in him. And really he doesn't seem like Peggy's type, but que sera sera (I have no idea how to spell that). Looking forward to next week.
Sorry one last question why was the name of the episode Seven twenty three? I know that was the date Don signed the contract, but I'm confused.


Sevenbeads said...

Enjoy your blog. I predict (based on nothing but my imagination) that Peggy jumps ship to work with Duck and they get Joan to be Office Manager. After all, she needs a job. I'm sure Sterling Cooper never made her sign a non-compete clause but she sure knows a lot of secrets.

Audra Crane said...

Interesting, I didn't think about the joke part of the hallucination; I thought the second part was about his fear of committing himself to the contract. He seems to feel that he'll both lose power through it and it's exacerbating his feelings of being a worthless fraud.
I haven't watched enough of the first two seasons to get the whole Duck situation. You'll have to fill me in.

Audra Crane said...

Oh, also, didn't Betty say that the baby was on time? Does that effect your question? She's clearly thinking of straying big time!
PS-That is the correct spelling of Que Sera Sera.