Monday, October 27, 2008

Picky Eater

I have to confess for many years I took pride in my daughters ability to eat just about anything. She loved sushi, asparagus, salsa, anything....and all was right with the world. We never had to carry around peanut butter sandwiches. We could just go to any restaurant or house and she would eat whatever was put in front of her with two exceptions, peanut butter and potatoes. It was glorious
Last spring she turned four and it has been a slow descent into a all carb diet ever since. Where she use to be happy to have eggs for breakfast, she will only eat pancakes or french toast now( into which I hide flax seed), because I'm not crazy about the constant syrup intake I can force her to have oatmeal occasionally, and sometimes even an egg but only if I put it between two pieces of bread, open face is a crime punishable by an extremely long whining session and possible foot stomping.
At lunch I find myself trimming off crusts something I swore I would never do. Now I come to find, if I don't trim the crust my child will take one bite from each quarter and label the rest yucky with crust. So there I am with grilled cheese sandwich in hand trimming away. It's definitely my penance, for all the times I thought I can't believe that mother has allowed her child to dictate like that.
Dinner is yet another sad affair, where she use to eat salad gleefully she now picks out olives and avocado and leaves the rest in disgust. She might eat one infinitesimal piece of meat. Her main course is always a huge serving of rice with soy sauce.
Perhaps she's vegan, though she does eat cheese and god love her she'll still eat sushi. Somehow she must know that that was the one thing we wouldn't have minded her giving up since she can really run up the tab.
The one thing she will eat like all other children is candy. There, she is without preference, no matter the texture, color, or flavor. It's candy, all she wants to know is how much can I have and when.
So what I really want to know is, how long does this last...Is it some kind of taste bud anomaly....Does anyone know where I can get crust less bread??


Rea said...

Lauren recently told me she just likes the white part of Romaine lettuce. When I asked her why, she said "because it's crunchy and easy to get on your fork." Maybe she still likes salad but doesn't like chasing lettuce leaves around on her plate. I don't either!

Elise said...

Yeah, she wasn't born yesterday. She knows to clean up her act when Grandmas in the house.

Sarah Auerswald said...

Totally adorable picture!!

Oh, and since I'm the mom of one of the world's pickiest eaters, I can sympathize, but only a little!

Elise said...

My mother informed me she had 4 helpings of salad tonight while I was out. Maybe she's just messing with me. Or maybe it's my cooking?
If we're already to the point where she doesn't do things because her mother asks, it's going to be a bumpy ride.