Thursday, October 30, 2008

One of Those Days

Yesterday, was one of those days where I would have traded my life for a carefree single girls. Oh, to have an apartment, where when things break you call the manager and wait for him to deal with it. The luxury of only having one persons laundry to contend with let alone dishes. It sounds like nirvana. I picture myself eating grapes in a flowing gown on a futon couch.

Instead, I was confronted with blocked plumbing, which I discovered while doing laundry. During the rinse cycle it had created so much pressure it blew the lid off the main and blew, I won't tell you what, all over the front lawn. That, then needed to be cleaned up by none other than me with a gardening shovel and a plastic bag. Once that was done, I tried to call someone to snake the drain, only to find the phone line was down again. I've been having a consistent problem with my phone, as I write this, there is a man crawling around under my house trying to figure it out. This was also a day my four year old has no school, so she was yelling for all manner of assistance. Did I mention the day before I had gone to the dentist to get a crown? So I was also working through a bit of an Adivan hang over, I'm very phobic of dentistry so I had to take something to relax enough so they could preform the procedure. So as you might guess I was not feeling the joys of home ownership or parenting.

Fortunately, I did have a workout planned for the early evening, I don't know why but when truly frustrated with life, working out seems to relax me, or maybe just redirects my thoughts to being frustrated with my body. Whatever the case, it staved off a total melt down. The workout was followed by pumpkin carving with the family unit. By the time we were done I have to admit I was loving my life again.

Now, I still haven't been able to shower, cause the drains won't get snake till this afternoon and I can't say that futon couch doesn't still hold some appeal, but really I don't think my back could take sleeping on one of those contraptions these days.

All I can say in closing, is that when you find yourself faced with the unmanagableness(is that a word) of life, just hold on long enough for the joys of pumpkin carving to save you. They will!


Anonymous said...

Ah, the joys of pumpkin carving! And the sorrows of malfunctioning plumbing. So sorry to hear it!

Elise Crane Derby said...

Some how they did manage to balance each other out.