Friday, August 22, 2008


Anyone else out there living with a peri-adolescent? Mine isn't in full bloom, shall we say, but there has certainly been a lot of door slamming and "You're A Bad Mommy" around this house. She's four so I don't really take it (that) to heart, but god it's a window into what my life will be in ten years. I think I've been dreading her actual adolescence since, ooh, I conceived her. Is it possible that awful teenage years skips a generation, like twins.

Where I dread, I'm sure my mother can't wait for me to get my pay back. See, I was not what you would call an exemplary teen, by parental standards (I was having a great time). I wasn't too bad, but I'm sure Mom and Dad breathed a sigh of relief when I just managed to graduate high school by the skin of my teeth. Followed by a few years living in Hollywood, hanging out on the Sunset strip. A period during which, a family friend told me, my mother was certain I was going to show up on her door step, pregnant, any day.

So, you see I've definitely got it coming to me, and when it hits I'll have no recourse. I've been thinking about getting rid of the evidence, those report cards have got to go. Course by then she'll probably have figured out what a slacker poster child I really am and rebel by going to Harvard...It's possible!

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