Saturday, August 16, 2008


I saw this writer on the The Daily Show awhile back talking about how people cluster into like minded groups. Which I have to admit I'm totally guilty of. I'm noticing, now that I'm reading blogs by people near and far, that I don't like dealing with divergent opinions. I have to think, should I counter their opinion, and if so how strongly. I don't love arguing so it's not my nature to speak up when I can just as easily lurk.
How dangerous is that? I don't mean to say that we should all be confronting each other, I am a firm believer in tolerance. Still, I hate to think that I may reach a point, where no opinion, no matter how appalling could raise my response. I'll be looking for the happy medium, tolerance with kind objections.
Care to join me?

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Audra Crane said...

Hi Elise,

This is of such great concern to me. I think we (and me) have become a nation of people who suffer from preaching to the choir disease. Recent years have caused such entrenchment of postions with everyone feeling that their personal identity is completely wrapped around their label that we have become intolerant of other opinions. Remember Reagan democrats? I don't know if that could still happen in numbers in either direction. This season we'll probably just have Obama shut-ins (Reps who just don't vote rather than vote Dem.)
Keep up the good work!