Monday, April 6, 2015

Mad Men Same as It Ever Was - Severence S7 E8 #MadMen #TV

Don Mad Men Severence S7 E8

Mad men returned last night for it's final episodes. I had hoped that all the money from being bought out by McCann Erickson and the character developement we saw in our Mad Men friends brokering that deal would result in better/happier people for these last episodes...NO DICE. It's almost 10 months later (April 30, 1970) and we're back to the same old issues. 

Don seems to have revert to his miserable self where he just drowns everything out with liquor and women. He is talking about his childhood but he is sugar coating it a bit, changing the whore house to a boarding house. Still it does seem he is integrating his personas as everyone has suspected would be the case. He is still going by Don Draper though, so that cat is in the bag.

Roger rocking a stache in Mad Men Severence S7 E8
Equally disappointing is Roger's return to his womanizing, though he seems to have cut back to one at a time, telling the ladies above he'll have to take one of them home. I was imagining he and Mona rekindling their marriage. Based on last nights episode that is not the case. Further it looks like McCann has more of a hand in the management of the agency with the firing of Ken. They said Ken had to go and out he went. Of course Ken can hold a grudge with the best of them and will be making his former employers lives miserable as the new head of accounts at Dow Chemical. So much for that novel.

Mad Men Severence S7 E8 Peggy and Joan
We got a look at a day in the life at work for Peggy and Joan and it wasn't too pretty either. Joan is still just an object to men. She has all this money and power but they can still belittle her. Hope she doesn't blow all her money on retail therapy.

Peggy seems to be carrying on in her usual fashion though she still seems to be looking for love. I would love to see this thing with Stevie work out for her. She can be quite mercurial and a guy who will take veal when he ordered lasagna may be just the ticket for her.

Finally, we got to find out what happened to Rachael Menken. She got everything, the job, the husband, the kids and then she died of Leukemia way too young. So sad and probably just an affirmation for Don to keep "living like there's no tomorrow, because there isn't"

Overall it was kind of a bummer. No one really seems happy. The Peggy Lee song IS THAT ALL THERE IS, was definitely fitting. The entire cast seems nonplussed by their achievements and rewards. Hoping things take a turn for the brighter next week...

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Anonymous said...

Good Recap! Will anyone ever be happy there??

Elise Crane Derby said...

I'm still hopeful for them.