Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ice Age Continental Drift

Last weekend my daughter and I attended a screening of Ice Age 4 Continental Drift, that opens tomorrow. What could be better than a Saturday morning watching cartoons in a theatre full of kids, I know I can think of a lot of things too, but it really was a great way to see this movie.

I defer to my child's expertise in animated films and she declared this one extremely funny. In fact she said it was her favorite of all of the Ice Age movies, which she has seen numerous times, as we own the entire franchise on DVD. For myself I didn't like it "better" than all the others, but it was very funny and I'm confident parents will enjoy seeing this with their kids.

My daughter loves the iPhone/iPad app of Ice Age, which has this Scrat short, so she's been showing the below to everyone for months.

Finally, I do love the message of all the Ice Age films, that your family is not based on people who look like you but those who love and support you. So, as many times as these guys want to reinforce that message I'm happy to see it.

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