Monday, July 9, 2012

Ford Go Further Trend Conference

Last week Ford invited me to attend their Trend Conference in Dearborn Michigan. I have to say I was really impressed with where they are trying to take the company. I feel like they actually are thinking about the environment and not just their bottom line. In the last 10 years they have cut their water, power and CO2 emission by 50%. Every one of their cars is 85% recyclable.

We got to talk with multiple panels (including the one pictured above with Adrien Grenier talking about his site that explored how Ford plans to move forward and create cars that not only help the"green"  environment but also our actual environment, our cities. We looked at cars that will be hybrid, hybrid/ electric, and electric, something for everyone.We talked about grid lock. Ford has given 235 cars to Zip Car a car sharing company that helps urban areas reduce cars on the road.

After all that talking we got to ride and drive many of Fords cars including Mustangs, Escapes, F150,  and MORE!!!!

Here Lori AKA Well Connected Mom and I are getting ready to do a little off roading in the F150 Raptor.

 This is what I would look like as a cop. I have to work on my stern look before I get the actual badge.

Over all I was really excited to see what Ford has planned and hope that other car companies will follow what I assume is their huge lead.

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