Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mad Men Season 5 Epi 9 Dark Shadows

Tonight's episode was named Dark Shadows, and I gotta say can Mad Men lighten up. So many refernece to darkness this season. Hopefully it won't turn into the gothic soap opera that was the tv show Dark Shadows. I suppose the title  refers to the shadows cast by everyone previous actions. For Don the shadow of Anna, and the shadow of Betty.

Opening tonight's episode with Betty weighting out her food. There were several moments where I thought Betty had gained some control of her behavior. Her pep talk with Henry was so supportive. But then seeing that note from Don to Megan sent her right back to preschool. She's acting out without a care for how it might effect Sally in seconds. Come on Betty I'm pulling for you.

Don seems like he's feeling a bit threatened by Ginsberg. He doesn't want to end up like Roger with Pete. Though Ginsberg seems like he might self destruct. He has no understanding of human interaction. See Roger realizing in seconds that he can't be trusted at a client dinner. Also the quote from Shelley's Ozymandias was a bit foreboding, the mighty do fall...

Sally is turning into an obnoxious brat. I know she doesn't have many good examples of how to behave but lashing out at Megan about Anna was really awful. Course Megan isn't doing herself any favors by teaching Sally how to fake cry. I think that's a skill Sally will learn to abuse.

Pete has really hit the jackpot with Marie. I thought it was possible he was actually going to get everything at once. That is until the piece in The Post didn't come through. Still Pete looked pretty happy after her office visit. 

Roger seems like he's getting back on track with work and life. That acid trip is the gift that keeps giving. He really is more introspective and concerned with his behaviors repercussions. Was I the only one that was nervous he was going to have a heart attack when he was with Jane in her new apartment? I remembered how he had said to Mona that he hadn't had a heart attack since he'd been married to Jane. I swear if they kill off Roger I will cry like a baby.

This and that:

Peggy- "Am I the only one who can work and drink at the same time?" We all know the answer to that one.

Roger asking if Pete was going to get a paper route, when Pete was talking about The Post.

Cooper corrects Pete's Hip with Hep. 

Rogers "Now they want to make wine for normal people"

When Henry is telling Betty about betting on the wrong horse, I thought it sounded a lot like Betty situation. You know she's wondering if she bet on the wrong horse with Henry. She could be living if that modern apartment in the city instead of the Addams Family mansion.


Anonymous said...

Did Pete have an office dalliance, or was it an afternoon couch fantasy? It is unlikely Mrs. Onetime, who was SOOO worried about getting caught would look up Pete at work and travel all the way to the City in the middle of the day in nothing but mink and underwear.

Elise Crane Derby said...

Yes. Someone on the boards set me straight. I was so happy for Pete, too bad it was all a fantasy. If only someone would turn themselves over to him like that, he would be so happy.