Saturday, May 19, 2012

Elementary CBS this Fall

Just as I was getting all sad about the last episode of Sherlock on PBS tomorrow night I heard CBS is premiering a new series this Fall called Elementary. That's right kids there is a light at the end of this summers tunnel. Elementary stars Johnny Lee Miller as a recently sober Sherlock. His Companion, Joan Watson is portrayed by Lucy Liu.  Surprise, a lady Dr. Watson!

If the above doesn't peak your interest than I have one more enticing morsel. AIDAN QUINN, sorry did I scream that. I kinda like Aidan, just a little, don't mind his poster over my bed. Anyway he is the reoccurring NYPD Captain.

See the preview below. I have high hopes, it looks original and quirky and just plain old good. We'll find out Thursdays this Fall.

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