Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TCM Classic Film Fest Schedule released

The schedule for the TCM Classic Film Festival was released today and I am soooo excited. Even just the first glance reminded me that every year I struggle with two or three films that I want to see that are all being shown at the same time, practically every day. I know champagne problems, cry me a river. Anyway this year is no different.

Some of the films I'm dying to see:

Thursday- Sullivan's Travel and Sabrina (With Mad Men coustumer Janie Bryant)

Friday-Probably any of the films with Robert Evan or Kim Novack speaking. Definitely China Town. Seriously can not believe I can be in the same room with either of those two!!! Oh and Bringing Up Baby and about 10 other things that day

Saturday-Definitely The Thomas Crown Affair with Norman Jewison. Probably Auntie Mame, I've never seen it on a big screen

Sunday-Charade and The Women, plus which ever movies I've missed and they reshow on the last day. Just thinking of it hear makes me sad.

These are just off the top of my head in the next week I will get my personal schedule together. The festival is just TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!!

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