Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kathy Griffin is Back on Bravo

Looks like Kathy Griffin will be returning to Bravo with a one hour talk show. I loved her on The D List. So I'm very excited to see her return. If you want to sign up to be in a studio audience for Kathy Griffin's Talk Show follow the link and fill out the audience form.

Here's the press release:

'Kathy' is the all new one-hour weekly pop culture talk show hosted by two-time Emmy winner Kathy Griffin. Every Thursday night, the original gossip girl will have a whole hour to deflate the egos of everyone who is anyone and those who think they're someone. Kathy will showcase Griffin's unique take on celebrities, co-workers, friends, politicians, and yes, even her own boxed-wine swilling mother, Maggie. She'll be burning the last of her already very few bridges, all while enforcing a clothing optional work environment.

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