Monday, March 19, 2012

American Idiot at The Ahmanson

Center Theatre Group invited me to see the opening night of American Idiot. It's an amazing show with a Green Day score.

It reminded me quite a bit of Hair. With a group of young adults trying to figure out their way through the trials of growing up. It's definitely what I would classify as a Rock Opera with blaring guitars and pounding drums.

There are some extremely striking visuals. One aerial scene seemed like the actors were almost swimming. Another dance scene using one of those rubber cords to tie off the arm for injections, two dancers wrap it around one another in various ways. It falls somewhere between ballet and modern dance.

This is a great show to introduce tweens, teens, and young adults to theatre. It does have a copious amount of cursing, drugs, and sex; like any good rock opera should, but it's not too graphic. Still I wouldn't say it's appropriate for young children.

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