Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Charlie Chaplin and Time Travel

So, here's a crazy thing I heard about on the Charlie Chaplin Yahoo! group. It seems a film maker was watching some bonus features on a Charlie Chaplin DVD and saw someone walking in front of Graumman's Chinese theatre, at the 1928 premiere of The Circus, talking on what really looks like a cell phone. Check it out below.

Here's The Washington Post's coverage. I gotta say I don't think the writer has much of a grasp on the time space continuum, based on her argument against time travel. Furthermore the extra footage is not from the film but from the premiere, and said time traveler just happens to be walking by.

Finally, when time travel becomes available. I am definitely hitting 1920's Hollywood and getting in on the ground floor. If fact, that could be me in the bonus feature. I do have very big feet.

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L.A. Story said...

It definitely is puzzling, but I'm with you. If I were a time traveler, I'd love to visit Old Hollywood -- unlike the Post's blogger.

Although, not sure what that woman was doing, considering there were no cell phone towers back then to even transmit the call -- unless she brought a few of those back to the past with her.