Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mad Men Episode 6 Season 4

Mad Men's Episode 6, Waldorf Stories was an interesting display of ambition. Beginning with Roger's wife's cousin trying to get a job. At first we think he is the most pathetic thing ever. That is until we see how Don got in the door.
Apparently, the brilliant Don Draper badgered Roger and when that didn't work got him blind drunk. So drunk in fact, Roger doesn't even remember hiring him. I'm not even sure he ever did hire him. Something about Don's smile as the elevator doors closed at the end of this episode. I'm starting to wonder if Don has ever earned anything in his life. I suppose to have risen to the top of Sterling Cooper so quickly he must have been good, or maybe he just stole.
On a happier note Peggy was amazing this episode, winning one for the feminists. Don told her she had to find a way to work with her new, more experienced, and chauvinistic partner. The new partner keeps harassing her about being a prude. So when they get locked in a hotel room for the weekend, to complete a project, she calls his bluff. When the partner won't stop talking about his nudist tendencies and flipping through a Playboy, she suggests they work nude. It's brilliant! He can't hide his arousal and ends up having to give in and get dressed.
Poor Pete, looks like Ken Cosgrove will be joining SCDP. Pete tried to make a power play up front, to make sure Ken would know his place, but as soon as everyone sees Ken they're all talking to him with their backs to Pete. Pete has been doing so well this season, and by that I mean he hasn't raped anyone, I hope this doesn't send him in the wrong direction.
In Don's drunken haze he ends up using one of Roger's wife's cousin's tag lines with a client. Don tries to just buy the tag line from him but he wants a job not a check. Don has to hire him to hide his own mistake. Just like Roger had to hire him.
I had hoped we had seen an end to Don's drinking but this episode had Don losing a whole weekend, waking up with a mystery waitress when Betty calls to find out why he's two hours late to pick up the kids. He really is a terrible father. I think I must be an enabler, cause now I'm sure he'll be better next week. Maybe this will be the binge that makes him get it together??? I hope. We'll see next week.


Anonymous said...

Question: Did you notice that the waitress called Don, "Dick." What do you think that is about??

Elise Crane Derby said...

I know. When Don blacks out he's Dick. Also I'm wondering how his "sister" left the restaurant? I assume she was the girl from the night before. She works at another agency. Hope Don doesn't turn into another Duck...

Adguy said...

Elise, are you referring to the blonde woman that Don "rescued" at the party by pretending to be family? That was Dr. Faye. He's still trolling and she's still not biting.

Adguy said...

Ok, just watched the episode again. I didn't pick up on the fact that he told the waitress that the women from the night before was his "sister." I guess we'll never know how she got home...and neither will "Dick".

Jenni Chiu said...

I'm afraid Don is going down a long, dark path. He is officialy becoming the anti- hero.
And yes, Peggy rocks!

PS- found you on Twitter :)

Elise said...

Adguy- I think Don was so wasted in the diner the first girl must have just left him there in disgust. Leave it to Don no matter how wasted to make up a lie to get himself over.

Jenni-so glad you found me. I hope Don pulls out of it sooner rather than later. It's so sad to watch. Jon Hamm really plays a great drunk though. He isn't obvious banging into furniture. He's more like all his muscles are relaxed and just goofy.