Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memphis Beat on TNT

Memphis Beat is a new show starting on TNT June 22nd. It has a great cast, with Jason Lee as the devoted police detective and Alfre Woodard as his new boss. Unfortunately, the show started off with Jason walking in on Alfre's first day announcements with a naked female torso lamp. I hate to seem like to the humorless feminist here but it really rubbed me the wrong way. They would never think of having him come in with a Sambo lamp??? I don't know why this sort of humiliation is still exceptable?? Anyway, Alfre reminds him that there are women there who do not care to work by boob light so he puts a bra on it. I'm still annoyed.

Beyond that opening scene I did enjoy the show. Somehow it kept reminding me of The Rockford Files, the music and general set decoration has a 70's feel. I do really like Jason Lee both as an actor and he is a great singer, which he did at the beginning and end of the episode. The character sings with a band in the evenings. It has a lot of great music.

Over all I'd say check this out it has great possibilities, if they don't get slap with a sexual harrassment suit.

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