Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mad Men Season 3 DVD/Bluray

Lionsgate sent me a copy of Mad Men Season 3 on DVD/Bluray today, and boy am I happy. I've been watching Matt Weiner's commentary of the episodes and loving it. There are lots of great extra features, about the civil rights movement, smoking advertizing, and commentary from various other cast members for each episode.
The greatest thing, though, is just having all these episodes. I've been watching season 1 and 2 on On Demand, even though I have them on DVD too. Now I can rewatch season 3 too!! Yeah!!
Short of the new season starting this is nirvana.

Here's one of the great scenes from last season. The two most capable people, Don Draper and Joan Halloway, in the Mad Men world in one of their rare shared scenes. I've developed quite an involved story about Joan's past with all my watching and rewatching of these episodes. But, I'll save my predictions for the start of the new season.

Get your own copy here

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Anonymous said...

I wanna watch too! Looking forward to hearing your theories.