Monday, November 2, 2009

Mad Men Wrap Up

Wow!! It was tragic to watch the world come crashing down on our Mad Men. I loved the opening. The heat isn't working in the building, it's terribly cold. Pete is curled in the fetal position on the couch, and Hildy bring him a cup of cocoa. He complains that it's instant/fake. Could it be that it's a cold world and we only have our fake cocoa to keep us warm. The scene ends with Hildy telling Pete that the building will fix the temperature "they always do". I think they are about to find out that nobody is fixing anything anymore. Just to add insult to injury the building does fix the cold and replaces it with blazing hot. Out of the ice box and into the fire (foreshadowing).
Now on to the specifics. What is going on with Roger and Jane. What was with that comment "are you going to commit suicide?" Has she been holding that over him. Between that and him bringing her home from another society event 3 sheets to the wind, I don't see this marriage lasting. On the bright side Joan and Roger seem to be checking in with one another here and there. Maybe, if Joan's rapist husband is killed by his own troop in basic training, and Jane gets written off we can have Joan back as Rogers new wife...or whatever.
Pete and his wife looked primed to join the beat generation.Peggy and her roommate are the queens of passive aggressiveness. Peggy and Duck seem like they've settled into some kind relationship.
Finally, Don and Betty, will Betty really leave Don for Henry. She told Don she doesn't love him anymore, but she stopped short of saying she wanted a divorce. The episode closed with Don looking positively destroyed. Like the rest of the characters, he has done everything, and then some, to achieve the kind of life that everyone is suppose to want and it has not worked out. I think the Kennedy assassination was the vase over the head to the entire nation.

Things are not going to be fixed, or OK and no one can say or pretend "This Didn't Happen".

I can't wait to see how they wrap up the season next week. Is it Sunday yet?


Sevenbeads said...

You knew things were serious when Carla sat down on the couch next to Betty and let up a cigarette. Peter (always in control, no matter what) gave an eloquent toast at his daughter's wedding under tough circumstances. Yes, his marriage to Jane is not going to last. I think his heart belongs to Joan. I'll miss my Sunday night date with all of them when the season ends.

Milk River Madman said...

Nice recap. Don needs to pull it together. Betty can't be trusted. I think she could be vindictive if he doesn't figure out a way to counter her.

I will say that I am getting over the amount of time being devoted to the Draper family. The events at SC should be more of a focus.

Elise Crane Derby said...

Milk-With Joan and Sal Gone There's not as much material at the office. I did love seeing Peggy and her room mate.

Splurge-I would love to see Joan and Roger together. He did love rolling around in those hills. It will be a long time till we get the next season, but at least I'll be able to enjoy my weekends again, instead of just waiting for Sunday night.