Monday, September 14, 2009

Barbra Striesand Tonight on TCM

It's all Barbra tonight on Turner Classic Movies.
Starting with Yentl at 5pm pt. I'm not a huge fan of this one but if you've never seen it you should, if only so you'll get all the "Papa Can You Hear Me" references.

Then at 7:30 it's The Way We Were. I love this movie! I love Huble's college essay, and Katie's post war radio job and wardrobe and just the whole thing it's fabulous!!! Watch it

Next is Funny Girl. This is the musical version of Fanny Brices life. It's a great movie. My favorite song in this is Second Hand Rose. OOH and when she's in the Ziegfeld Follies and does the bride number. ( this clip is really long, but it was the only one I could find, skip ahead to Barbra's part it's too funny)

Lastly is The Owl and the Pussy Cat. This is a little dark about a prostitute and a writer, but both Barbra and her co star George Segal are wonderful in it.

If I had been programming this I would have included What's Up Doc? It is hysterical and costars Ryan O'Neil and Madeline Kahn. OOH and On A Clear Day, that one is great. Ok I think I've outed myself as a total Barbra fan.

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