Friday, March 6, 2009

Google Referrals

So I was checking where people are finding my blog from. Then I started looking at google searches that have brought traffic and which of my post get the most. I have two post that repeatedly are googled. One is a blog about talking to my daughter about where babies come from. I thought this was funny cause I could see parents being asked where babies come from and saying " Ahh let's google it" Like so much social studies homework. It makes me laugh.
The other, even more popular post, is a video I posted when I was in Hawaii a few month ago. The video is of a whale watching trip that I titled Whale Tail. As I was looking at all the hits I was thinking I should do more videos of animals. Until I looked a bit closer at the searches. They weren't searching for whales they were searching for whale tails,as in, thong underwear showing out the tops of ladies pants. Who knew there was an audience for that sort of thing.
So I guess plausible titles that have a double entendre are a good bet for traffic if you don't mind short visits.


Anonymous said...

I always get referrals for "mongoose" and "cane spiders"!!

Kim Moldofsky said...

This would be a fun meme to start. I know I've gotten traffic from funny as well as creepy search terms. When thinks like "naked little boy" or something show up I want to sanitize my keyboard. Perverts!

Sometimes it's sad, too. I titled one post about heading off to a BlogHer conference "Leaving my husband for the weekend" and had many hit based on "leaving my husband." I guess folks search for that they way they do search for how babies are made.

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