Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's a PBS kind of week

Last night was the season opener of Antique Roadshow. I know this, cause it just so happens that my sister and I went to Palm Springs (where the opener was taped) to have our, unfortunately, not so priceless treasures appraised. We had a great time at the taping last summer, even if nothing we brought was worth more than $100. If you look very closely, at the very beginning of the show last night, all the way in the back you can see a very blurry image of my sister. Don't worry if you missed it, I have it Tivo'd. You can also look for us in the background next Monday night.

In more Elise/PBS news, tomorrow I'll be going to the PBS press tour for their 2009 season. It's very exciting, cause I get my first ever press credential. Do you think I should wear a fedora with a piece of paper that says press in it?? There will also be all kinds of celebs of the PBS variety, as well as Hollywood variety, and even Santa Monica's Stacey Peralta.

I can't wait. I'll bring my camera and computer and blog it all out ASAP, so stay tuned!!

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